VENUS: The Sacred Feminine and the Battle for Humanity

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I have noted that major events are occulted manifestation-rituals involving the symbolism and vibrational power of MERCURY; specifically the DESTRUCTION of Mercury.

JFK assassination, 911 and Kobe Bryant ritual death are examples.

In perhaps over-simplified terms: the most hated planets by the prevailing powers (Illuminati for lack of a better term) are MERCURY and VENUS.

Conversely the occult elite invoke the authoritarian side of JUPITER AND SATURN (who also have positive properties).

The metaphysical, vibrational and spiritual essence that VENUS (and most goddesses from different traditions) represents is the DIVINE FEMININE PRINCIPLE or the SACRED FEMININE PRINCIPLE.

MERCURY and VENUS synchronize under the SACRED FEMININE since the symbol for VIRGO is the maiden, a female symbol.

One of – if not the – most popular expressions of the Sacred Feminine is the Virgin Mary of Christianity, although Christianity largely condemns and demonizes the “Sacred Feminine” moniker.

In Latin – and in some Romance languages – Virgin Mary is referred to as “VIRGO MARIA.”

the official birthday of the Virgin Mary is September 8th. This makes her a VIRGO in the tropical zodiac.

So VIRGO MARIA can literally be translated as VIRGO MARY.

I alluded to this in my series on Mercury rituals: the ritual sacrifice of Lady Diana . Here you see another example of the Destruction-of-Mercury dove-tailing with the Destruction-of-the-sacred Feminine.

Lady Diana represented the Divine/Sacred feminine on multiple levels. Her ritual death date was August 31st which is under VIRGO. She represents the maiden symbol of VIRGO.

VENUS’ progenitor is Greece’s Aphrodite who was ISIS (Aset) in ancient Egypt.

Diana had a personal fragrance named ISIS. Her ritual death was planned for Paris, a city named after Isis: “Par Isis” is French for “for Isis,” and abbreviated Par-Is.

Her July 1st birthday makes her a Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the MOON which is another Divine/Sacred Feminine/goddess symbol; associated with female fertility and birth.

DIANA is a Roman moon goddess after whom she is named.

Virgin (VIRGO) Mary is associated with BIRTH; divine birth.

Diana’s birthday is 1st July (1-7) or July 1st, a date written 7-1, like the gematria value of VIRGO.

The BIRTH principle is represented by 71/17 in Gematria.

It was also suggested – but not confirmed – that Diana was several weeks pregnant at the time of the crash. Whether or not she was, public discussion imprinted it on the public consciousness as part of embodiment of the Sacred Feminine that was being sacrificed.

The architectural representation of a womb is a DOME.

This synchronicity revolves around 71 as the value of SACRED FEMININE.

Gematria enables us to understand the deeper dark ritual significance of Donald Trump’s most famous quote that surfaced on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. He was describing how women react to him.

He said they even let him “grab ’em by the pussy”. The official transcript says “‘EM” not “THEM.”

The recording was released to the public by the Washington Post on October 7th, 2016.

10-7 or 7-10. 107 and 710 = 17 and 71 in numerology (0 has no value).

The release date also has 17 numerology.

In this case Donald Trump played the role of The Trickster aspect of MERCURY. Trump is a Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

See my post on Mercury and the Trickster code: 41

As stated in my Mercury Ritual series 911 was – at its core – a grand MERCURY ritual.

911 was also a Destruction-of-Sacred Feminine/Venus grand ritual.

The PENTAGON is a VENUS symbol: A pentagon is formed at the center of a unicursal pentagram; pentagram being a symbol of the planet Venus.

The pentagrams on the United States flag represent Venus.

Washington D.C. represents The Sacred Feminine.

The DOVE represents the Sacred Feminine Queen Semiramis in the Babylonian tradition.

DOVE translates – in French – to COLOMBE. From the French word for DOVE we get the name COLUMBIA, America’s goddess whose statue sits atop the Capitol Dome (the dome represents a womb) in the form of the Statue of Freedom, and after whom the District of Columbia is named.

In keeping with the code DOVE, like DOME sums to 17 inGematria.

The first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl was Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins. The Redskins – from D.C. – represent The DISTRICT OF THE DOVE.

Because of this he wore the “number of the dove.”

Doug Williams was also the 17th pick of the NFL draft.

In accordance with the city, Washington DC’s professional sports teams are aligned with the Sacred Feminine; Revealed only by Gematria.

Washinton DC is also home to the Washington Mystics of the WNBA, Women’s Basketball Association who – as of 2020 – were the reigning champions and lead by 2019 WNBA Most Valuable Player Elena Delle Donne.

Gematria reveals why she – like Doug Williams – was chosen to lead DC to glory.

She also is a VIRGO. VIRGO = 71 in Gematria and is associated with the Sacred Feminine.

Like the Washington Mystics, the Washington Capitals are the reigning (as of 2020) national champions, this time in Major League Baseball.

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 champions of the National Hockey League.

Washington D.C. is situated between the ritualistically named states of Virginia and Maryland.

VIRGIN-ia and MARY-land; VIRGIN MARY, the Sacred Feminine.

If Washington DC is founded on and continues to be an expression of the Sacred Feminine Principle then why is it the source of inhumanity, deceit, control and destruction ?

DC was founded by Freemasons. Original York Rite Freemasonry venerated the Sacred Feminine. Post Illuminati/Scottish Rite infiltration is – at its highest echelons – satanic; anti-human. DESTRUCTION-OF-THE-SACRED FEMININE is arguably their most important ritual.

The Divine/Sacred Feminine is a metaphor for the universal force of love, care and conscience.

The Capitol Dome and Statue of Freedom/goddess Columbia (dove) atop it are the Divine/Sacred Feminine symbols. Aerial view reveals that they are located in the throat of an owl, having been swallowed.

The owl is a predatory, all-seeing symbol favored by the Illuminati.

In effect, the goddess has been built up to be brought down.

Kobe Bryant represented Mercury in sacrifice, since the planet Mercury rules his sign of VIRGO. VIRGO is also related to the Sacred Feminine.

Gematria reveals that his daughter Gianna represents VENUS.

Again: Mercury and Venus prove to be the dark occult elite’s least favorite planets.

In multiple traditions you have the phenomenon of trinities; a triad of deities that are anthropomorphisms of spiritual cosmic forces.

The goddess is the Divine/Sacred Feminine in the trinity; the anthropomorphism of care, conscience, emotion, combined with the sacred masculine god. The middle god represents harmony and balance between the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.

  • The ancient Babylonian trinity: NIMROD, TAMMUZ, SEMIRAMIS (above). Semiramis is the Sacred Feminine.
  • The ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) trinity: OSIRIS, HORUS, ISIS (Asar, Heru, Aset). ISIS/ASET is the Sacred Feminine.

Horus (left), Osiris (center), Isis (right).

  • The Christian trinity: FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit is the Sacred Feminine. The symbol for the Holy Spirit is the DOVE, co-opted from Babylon’s symbolism of Semiramis.
  • The name ISRAEL is a holy trinity: IS is ISIS the Divine/Sacred Feminine. RA is the Egyptian sun deity, EL is Saturn.
  • The Masonic pillars of Boaz, Jachin and the middle pillar represent the same principle. The pillar of BOAZ is the Sacred Feminine.
  • The CONSCIOUSNESS TRINITY is the basis for archetypal trinities:

EMOTION is the Sacred Feminine in the Consciousness Trinity

The Consciousness Trinity in popular culture: From The Matrix, the Sacred Feminine is named TRINITY.

Gematria confirms that VENUS is consistent with the principles it is said to represent: LOVE, CONSCIENCE, CARE.

The astrotheological root of ISLAM is VENUS-worship. The day-of-the-week dedicated to the planet VENUS is Friday; VENERIS in Latin. VIERNES in Spanish.

So it stands to reason that Friday should be the holy day for Islam given its Venusian roots.

VENUS in Arabic is ZAHRA. The prophet Muhammad named his daughter after Venus: FATIMA ZAHRA.

Despite the language and alphabet difference, the Arabic word for Venus and the English word for Venus match almost perfectly in Gematria.