Was Madonna’s Eurovision performance in Israel, May 18, 2019 predictive programming for coronavirus? +David Ben-Gurion gematria lesson


That’s what shocked? Not imagery of New York burning and the Statue of Liberty losing its arm, holding the torch? Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG3WkiL0d_U&feature=youtu.be

As you read, you’ll notice Madonna’s Eurovision performance, in Israel, featured backup dancers wearing gas masks.  Of course, Madonna has become part of the ongoing propaganda cycle with the coronavirus, an event full of masks, calling it the “great equalizer”.


Notice this 2019 event was the 64th Eurovision and it was hosted in Israel.

Remember, Israel sums to 64 in Hebrew and in English.

And notice the 64th Eurovision began May 14, the date Israel was established in 1948.


*In the NBA, May 14, 2019 was the “Zion Williamson sweepstakes”.  Think about it.

And for the record, David Ben-Gurion was the right man for the job, May 14, or 14/5.

Catholic = 145 (The Church that runs the show)

The name Ben-Gurion also goes with the year ’48, and ‘Zionism’.

If you watch, you’ll see that it begins with what it appears to be a service at the Synagogue of Satan (which is what Israel is).