XFL makes its debut, February 8, 2020, by the numbers


Notice, Seattle lost with 19 points on 8/2, in their debut.

Further, 50 total points were scored in the Washington vs. Washington match, on a 50 date numerology. 2/8/2020 = 2+8+20+20 = 50

In the other game, Houston beat Los Angeles with 37-points.

*Wildcats = 28 / 37 (Nickname of LA team)

In light of Houston winning their first game, don’t forget Oliver Luck, who played for the Houston Oilers, is the CEO of the XFL, and his son Andrew Luck, retired from the NFL, on Vince McMahon’s 74th birthday, August 24, 2019.

Today, August 2, or 8/2, was a fitting day for Houston to launch their season as well.

Today is also the 39th day of the year, a fitting date for the launch of the XFL.