Yakima’s old Freemason Lodge #24, now Hotel Maison & the Freemason exhibit at the Yakima City Museum

Freemasonry Secret Societies

This building is now the Hotel Maison.

Notice the covered over compass and square.

If you count, there are 28 circles. *Mason = 28


Key Dates:

1] September 10, 1910, leaves 112-days left in the year.  *Mathematics = 112

2] April 1 is the 91st day of the year.

91, 13th triangualr number

41, 13th prime

13, the number symbolic of time, is very important to the masons and their symbolism. It is also symbolic of rebellion.

Think of the 13 layers of bricks in a pyramid shape on the House of the Temple, the masonic headquarters in D.C. Or think of the 13 layers of bricks on the pyramid on the the U.S. dollar bill.

The date of April 1, 1911 also has 17 date numerology. Don’t forget modern Freemasonry was established in 1717, and then 59-years later, 1776, the U.S. was established. 59 is the 17th prime number.

4/1/1911 = 4+1+1+9+1+1 = 17 *Mason = 4+1+1+6+5 = 17

3] September 27, 1912, was the 372nd birthday of the Jesuit Order.

960 pounds?  Oddly, on the day that I visited this museum, February 29, 2020. marked the date of the U.S. and Taliban peace agreement, which was 960-weeks after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, on the nose.

As for Lodge #24 being the Yakima Lodge, it is no accident.

*Washington is the 42nd state *Freemason = 42

Notice, the 59th annual session photo was shared.  Freemasonry sums to 59 in English and Hebrew.

The picture of Callahan Co. seems out of place until you apply gematria.


5 Pointed Star

All Seeing Eye

Compass and Square

Pillars of Boaz and Jachin

The sun is a nice touch in the sun valley of Washington, Yakima.

Notice the badge is for John E. Smith.

*John E. Smith = 49 *Scottish = 49