You’re Next actor dies in New Haven, Connecticut age 38, March 3, 2020, from unspecified illness +March 8, 2020 news

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Secret Societies

On March 8, we get breaking news of a dead 38-year-old actor.

He died New Haven, CT, home of Yale’s Skull and Bones.

Read more about death and 38 here:

His cause of death is an “unspecified illness”.  Don’t be surprised if later we hear about how he died from the coronavirus ‘pandemic’.

Read about Event 201 which simulated 65 million people being killed by a coronavirus pandemic, October 18, 2019, months before the actual outbreak was reported:

Then think more about the name, ‘You’re Next’, in light of the coronavirus fear.  As we have covered, this is a Freemason conspiracy.

Notice how New Haven, Connecticut factors in.

He died on his 48th week of his age.

Notice, he died Tuesday, March 3, 3/3 or 33.

Thus, his number was up.