YouTube Bans Gematria Lesson for Mag Bitter Truth


This is comical because I gave a friendly response to a hate laced attack against me, and while the hate laced attack is still up, my video, which was information and knowledge based, is down. Of course, this has happened many times before. YouTube to this day has videos slandering me on their platform, giving out my address, and worse. Historically, when I have responded to these videos, I have been struck. It goes to show, YouTube / Google fears me, and tolerates those who falsely accuse me and put out my personal information, without permission, which are true TOS violations.

Read the blurb from YouTube.

Watch the video that was banned (my response) here:

Watch MAG TRUTH’s hate laced attack on me, which is full of false statements and ignorance, which apparently does not violate YouTube’s TOS: