10 people killed in Boulder grocery store shooting, March 22, 2021 (Colorado again, and why on this date)

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It’s 3/22, like 322, and the tragedy is in BOULDER.

This comes March 22, 2021, a date with 66 numerology.

3/22/2021 = 3+22+20+21 = 66

Notice how ‘mass shooting’ and ‘grocery store’ connect.

At first it was reported there were “at least 6 dead.”

This comes 51 days before the Governor’s birthday.

And again, this news comes 22/3, March 22, a date similar to 223.

This comes on the back of the Dallas and Houston nightclub shootings, March 20, 2021.

And CNN and MSNBC are heavily linking this story to Aurora and Columbine, previous Colorado shootings in history, reminding that something needs to be done about gun ownership rights.

And it comes on March 22, or 3/22, like 322, the number of Skull and Bones, which relates to the last Batman series, which relates to the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, as I have covered numerous times before, and written about in my first book, Letters & Numbers.

Learn about the 322 connection to Batman.
Sandy Hook, Aurora and Batman.

And notice the familiar 149 pattern. Tonight’s shooting was at King Soopers.

Boulder, CO has a second connection, equating to 41, and reminding us of George H.W. Bush, #41, who was a member of Skull and Bones.

Colorado also has the 43 connection.

W. Bush was #43
H.W. Bush was the 43rd VP
Jeb Bush was the 43rd Governor of Florida (Where the 2000 election was decided)

Tom Brady just went to Florida, at age 43, and won his 149th career home game in the Super Bowl, beating the Chiefs, 149 months, on the nose, after he beat the Chiefs 17-10 with the Patriots, in a game where he was injured, and that game was worked by Carl Cheffers, his first ever NFL assignment as ref, the same man who worked Super Bowl 55, which again, Brady won at age 43. *Satan 55 *Goat = 43

10:44 post time. *Shooting = 144 *Jesuit Order = 144

March 22, 2021 was a ripe date for a mass shooting in numerology terms.

3/22/2021 = 3+22+20+21 = 66

Grocery Store = 66
Sixty-six = 33

And notice how it happened at store #33.

You know the 33 list… from police, to federal, to false flag.

Better yet, the Police Chief was made Chief on March 3, or 3/3.

Xavier is one of the nation’s 27 Jesuit universities.


And realize, we’re working up to April 19, the anniversary of the shooting in Canada last year that got their assault weapons ban put in place shortly after. That will come 28 days after today, and April 19, 2021 will be the date with 28 / 44 / 64 numerology for the month.

Kill = 28 / 44 / 64 *Gotham = 28 / 64
Shooting = 44 / 107 (28th prime)
Shooting = 107 / 109 April 17th is the 107th day of the year, April 19 is the 109th.

Maris Herold = 67 / 122 *Police Officer = 67 / 122

This news comes March 22, 2021, an infamous date.

Notice the name of the store, King Soopers — it is a bit like King Solomon, an important person to the Freemasons.

Corona means crown, which the ‘king’ wears

And King Solomon’s connection…

Notice how ‘Maris Herold’ also connects, the police chief telling the story.

59, 17th prime *Mason = 17

And remember, Modern Freemasonry was established in 1717, and 59 years later the U.S. was established in 1776, by Jesuits and Masons, and 59 is the 17th prime number.

And don’t forget the masonic handshake in the F.O.P. logo, the Fraternal Order of Police.

Fraternal Order of Police = 119 *All Seeing Eye = 119

And keep in mind today can be written 22/3, like 223.

223, 48th prime *Freemason = 48 *Illuminati = 48
March 22 (the 322 / 223 date)

And then the 322 / 119 connection. *March 22, or 3/22

Ancient Mystery Religions = 133 *Colorado = 133 *Government = 133 *President = 133 *White House = 133

Notice also how Maris Herold overlaps with ‘police officer’.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122
*67, 19th prime *Chaos = 19

And keep in mind this news comes 122 days after Jesuit Joe Biden’s birthday.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122
3/22/21 = 3+22+21 = 46 *Chaos = 46 *Ordo Ab Chao = 46


Boulder, Colorado has a double connection to the number 83, the ‘murder’ number.

Think about the movie poster for murder by numbers.

Think about the latest Colorado murder story, the ‘Watts’ family killings.

The new Netflix film about the Watts’ murders is even 83 minutes long.

And don’t forget the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ came out in 1983. Read more about that here.

And don’t forget Colorado is the 38th state as you read the article linked just above.

And notice how the 38 and 83 come together in ‘Colorado’, a popular destination for mass shooters.

Today is 3 months and 8 days after the Sandy Hook anniversary, December 14, 2020.

Also, Joan decoded additional things here. Good work Joan!

Update: I just caught this politician, born in 1984, playing up how we need gun control and action.

His name is Stephen Fenberg.

Today is 79 days after his birthday. 79, 22nd prime (22nd of month) *Society of Jesus = 79

Update: And here is the officer who was reportedly killed, Officer Eric Talley.

Eric Talley, the casualty of the ‘active shooter’.

Read more about 47, government and news here.

And don’t forget the word tally means to count, and it relates to voting… and this is political.


  1. Argonaut1982 on March 22, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    I was watching a Reuters video about the shooting, and they interviewed a lady that was supposedly a witness to the event. Her name was Sarah Moonshadow. I thought the name was unusual, so I looked up the gematria for it, and it came out to 66. Also, the phrase “active shooter” was used in an article headline I saw, and that phrase came out to 191. Just a couple interesting things I thought I would point out.

  2. Trampler on March 22, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    Zach, thank you for this timely and extensive article! I shall “cast some pearls”. 🙂

  3. Trampler on March 22, 2021 at 10:11 pm

    AR Fifteen = 84, 48, 159, 51.

  4. metal or die on March 23, 2021 at 8:33 am

    Here’s a few more tidbits regarding that “Murder by Numbers” track—it didn’t feature on the vinyl or cassette versions of their album that dropped the same year, but it is the 11th [bonus] track on the CD, and makes the total length to 44m29s. The version I have is the Japanese release and the serial number for that is 38XB-2 (!!!), released by A&M Records (42—same as THE POLICE, albeit in a different cipher). Oh, and the album’s title? Synchronicity. Haha, it never ends… Thanks!

  5. Truthfulness on March 23, 2021 at 10:34 am

    This has the middle class begging for gun law reforms. They are following the script.

  6. Sebastian on March 24, 2021 at 11:39 am

    No coincidence…
    – false flag shooting = 77 (FR)
    – Boulder = 77 (EO)

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