Former Auburn Tiger and San Diego Charger dies at 59, February 25, 2022, on the 56th day of the year, after Chargers host Super Bowl 56

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Lionel James has died on his 277th day of being 59 years old, in the year of the Tiger, where 277 is the 59th prime.
277, 59th prime
Tiger = 59 / 76
Little Train = 76
-He played for Auburn Tigers
-We just saw Auburn lose their first game in 76-days, with 76 points

He played for the Chargers who just hosted Super Bowl 56, on Pope Francis’ 59th day of his age, and he has died on the 56th day of the year, as a 5’6″ tall man.
Pope Francis = 59
Pope = 56
Auburn Tigers = 56

His NFL career long rush was 56-yards.

Notice he played in 67-games, and he started in 22.
Dead in ’22
King = 22 / 67
-Super Bowl had a lot to do with Royal Family
-Super Bowl had a lot to do with King James (LeBron)
-His career long reception was 67-yards

Lionel James = 43 *Chargers = 43 *Football = 43 *Elizabeth = 43 *43 points in SB 56

It also happens while Lionel Messi is 34-years-old, and Matt Stafford just became the 34th QB to win a Super Bowl, while being 34-years-old.

Notice Lionel Andrés Messi equates to 244.
Cooper Douglas Kupp = 244
Won Super Bowl 56 MVP on 244th day of his age

Lionel Messi = 165
Scottish Rite = 165

-Rams finished the year 16-5
-Messi’s birthday is Freemasonry’s birthday (Scottish Rite)

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