12 year old boy killed by antique grenade, January 12, 2021 news by the numbers

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I love that this story comes on the 12th and CNN posted it at 12 after the hour.

It was bought at the ‘Fancy Flea’ Antique Mall.

37, 12th prime

This news comes on January 12, or 1/12… and it was bought in ‘Shallotte’.

They’re saying it was purchased on June 13, or 6/13, like 613, the 112th prime number.


And notice, the grenade was bough June 13, the say leaving 201 days in the year. As we know, that is the number of ‘The Jesuit Order’, and today can be written 1/12, like 112. Of course, the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.

From June 13 to December 23 was 193 days.

*44th prime *Kill = 44 *Military = 44 *Fancy Flea = 44

December 23 had 75 date numerology as well.

12/23/2020 = 12+23+20+20 = 75

As for the history of the MK 2 Grenade (MK II), it was invented in 1918, 102 years before 2020.

Art of War = 102

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