133 Days | The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 win & Milwaukee Bucks winning their 10th Conference Finals appearance, June 19, 2021

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From the date the Bucs won the Super Bowl to the date the Bucks beat the team from New York in the East-semis, June 19, 2021, was a span of 133-days (where the NFL is HQ’d). *Football = 133

53 combined points in first quarter combined & Nets led 53-47 at half
Brooklyn Nets = 53 *Milwaukee = 53 (This is the Buck’s 53rd season)
The Bucks avoided their 53rd road loss in franchise Playoff history in Game 7 vs. Brooklyn

Football = 133

Also, the Bucks came into that game with 133 Playoff wins all-time, and won their 134th, improving to 134 and 143.
-Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143

Keep in mind the Bucks advanced to their 10th Conference Finals in team history, and Tom Brady went to his 10th Super Bowl in Super Bowl 55, in his team’s hometown, Tampa.
55, 10th Tri. Number
55, 10th Fibonacci Number

Super Bowl 55 was the 51st of the modern era, and the Bucks picked up their 51st away win in Playoffs all-time.

Notice Wisconsin also equates to 55.

The Packers lost to the Bucs in the NFC Championship in the game with the very questionable ending.

Keep in mind the Bucks’ coach picked up his 40th win in the Playoffs in his 75th game, in the 75th NBA season:
Brooklyn = 40 / 41
Green Bay = 40 / 41

From the June 19 game to the upcoming Super Bowl 56, the 52nd of the modern era, is 239-days later, the 52nd prime.
239, 52nd prime
Super Bowl 56 (52nd of modern era)

It is 34-weeks and 1-day as well.
Bucks = 34 (Giannis, #34)
LV = 34 (Brady won 34th playoff game in Super Bowl LV, his 7th ring) *LV = 34 in English and 55 in Roman Numerals
-DMX was in the news April 3 in a GOAT Ritual *Goat = 43 *Bucks = 34 (With horns as well)
—Rapper = 34 * Vegetable = 34 (His state of being as reported on April 3)
-DMX funeral was in Nets stadium 56-days before Game 7, June 19, when Bucks ended season of Nets (their funeral)
—Bucks = 56 *Barclays Center = 56 *Super Bowl 56 upcoming

Keep in mind Brady won his 7th championship this year, and Kevin Durant was defeated in Game 7, after changing his number to 7 for this season, similar to G, the 7th letter, what is on the Green Bay Packers logo.

On the subject of 10, read about the Pirates ending their 10 game losing streak against the Indians, similar to Bucs (Pirates) and Chiefs (Indians), and Brady winning Super Bowl 55, in his 10th.

The Pirates won the series 2-1, and the Indians won the final game 2-1, making the Pirates 25-45 for the season.
Tampa Bay = 25
-Tom Brady will be 45 the year of Super Bowl 57 (53rd of modern era *Brady won Super Bowl 53)

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