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  1. Joshua Krantz on October 12, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    I apologize for this comment in advance because it is not directly related to this article. I did however choose this article to comment this particular comment on due to this article referencing the “racism” ritual of Martinez/Newsome

    This comment is on the Tyrone Davis video you did earlier today and is my observations/additions if you will.

    In the article where it depicts his allocates as a football player it says the numbers 75 and 73. 7573 is the 961st Prime Number and 961 is the 31st Square. Also the score of the Packers and Giants game 37-3, 373 is the 74th Prime Number too. “This is difficult to post” the emphasized in the article as stated by Davis’ longtime friend and former teammate Earl Dotson equals 99 in the Pythagoras Cipher as well as 279 in English Ordinal. 27/9 like the Jesuit recognition date. Meadowlands = 39 Pythagoras 666 Sumerian & 571 Reverse Satanic the 105th Prime Number. To take it a bit further, from the date of highlighted Packer’s Giant’s game 11/15/1998 to Davis’ date of death 10/2/2022 is a span of 23 years and 322 days when including the end date.

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