145 Costco employees test positive for Covid-19 in Yakima, Washington, December 31, 2020

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Remember, Costco is another Seattle based company (Kirkland, Washington is Seattle’s suburb across Lake Washington), the city that is largely behind this pandemic and where the first case was confirmed in the world, outside of mainland China. And as we know, coronavirus is a Jesuit / Catholic agenda, so it isn’t hard to see who runs Costco or these other Seattle based companies.

And notice how ‘Kirkland’ fits in.

And for the record, Kirkland is next to Bellevue where the big tech companies operate out of in the Seattle area.

As for this happening in Yakima, it’s been the Washington hotbed all year (and it is where I live now).

Yakima = 102 *Wuhan, China = 102 *Social Distancing = 102

*Yakima, Washington = 89 *Virus = 89

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Before long there might be an update with me blamed for the outbreak. This is the same store where I had the whole staff trailing me around, telling me to put a mask on. Of course, that was a couple months ago.

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