Retired NFL receiver Reche Caldwell shot dead in Tampa at age 41, 44-weeks after Tom Brady’s birthday

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A former NFL receiver, who played with Tom Brady, is dead at 41, in Tampa Bay, where Super Bowl 55 will be hosted…

He died 44-weeks after Tom Brady’s birthday.

*Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38

He was the 48th pick of the 2002 draft.  TOM = 20+15+13 = 48

He died on his 71st day of his own age, the 20th prime.  *Death = 20

His career stats are as follows:

In light of this happening on 6/6, don’t forget NFL sums to 66, and 66 is the 11th triangular number.

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