21-year-old rapper, KJ Balla, gunned down in Brooklyn, New York, May 22, 2020

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This rapper was killed May 22, 2020, a date with 67 numerology.

5/22/2020 = 5+22+20+20 = 67

His twitter says ‘From Nothing’.  (See below)

The phrase below emphasizing ‘it’s not fair’ sums to 67.

It was a date with 13 numerology as well.

5/22/2020 = 5+2+2+2+0+2+0 = 13

And it was a date with 47 numerology.  His birth name was Noel Kennedy, summing to 47.

The news comes May 23, 2020, a span of 44-weeks from his last birthday.

Link: https://twitter.com/kjballa_

He was from Brooklyn, New York.  

*Brooklyn, New York = 74 *Rapper = 74 *Killing = 74

Notice the names of his hit songs, ‘Switch the Game’ and ‘Strangers’. He died 60-days before his birthday, and the news came 59-days before his birthday.

*Police = 60 (Think of the song, Police, Murder by Numbers)

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