USPS warns 46 states about upcoming election & removes collection boxes in Western states, August 14, 2020

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In light of the Jesuits running the nation, it is only fitting they run the postal service.

The ‘Postmaster General’ fits in.

The August 14th news comes 59 days after DeJoy become P.G.

Freemasonry = 59

Also today, this warning to 46 STATES about the upcoming 59th U.S. Presidential Election. And think about it, it comes 59 days after the Postmaster General’s birthday…

8/11/2020 = 8+11+20+20 = 59 (Kamala Harris pick)

The Kamala Harris pick came a span of 59 weeks from the first DNC debate, June 26, 2019, and on Trump’s 59th day of his age.

Catholic = 46 *Biden can become #46.

There has been only one Catholic President to date, and that was John F. Kennedy, #35, who was killed at age 46.

Catholic = 35 / 46

John F. Kennedy = 59

JFK became President in ’61, 59 years ago.

Read about Bob Dylan’s “JFK 59 riddle” in 2020:

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