23-year-old Deshawn Thomas executes homeless man in St. Louis to close out Black History Month, February 27-28, 2023

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Notice the 201 gematria of ‘Deshawn Thomas.’

This isn’t far from the ‘Michael Brown’ killing.

This comes on the last day of Black History Month, where Carter G. Woodson is the father.

Keep in mind this killing was Monday, a date with 72 numerology, 72 days after the Pope’s birthday, the first Pope to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican.

Remember, he became the first Jesuit Pope on the 72nd day of the year, March 13, 2013.

Also, this ritual took place on the 58th and 59th days of the year.
Pope Francis = 58 / 59

And he was killed outside of the ‘Globe Building.’
Globe Building = 70 / 119
Vatican = 70 / 119
Francis = 70 / 119

This also came 107 days after the Superior General’s birthday (November 12, 2022).
Ritual Sacrifice = 107
Shooting = 107

Furthermore, this came 103 days after St. Louis University’s establishment date.

And finally, this came 201 days before Mike Parson’s birthday, the 57th Governor of Missouri, as well as Patrick Mahomes, who just won the Super Bowl, in the 103rd NFL season. It is a reminder that the first forward pass in football history was thrown by St. Louis University, and that Tom Brady got his 201st career win vs. St. Louis. In the case of Brady, he was born 201-years after the United States.



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