Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal, October 19, 2020

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Terminal = 38 *Death = 38

Recall, Rush Limbaugh, from Missouri, announced his cancer diagnosis right after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in a massive ritual. Of course, the Chiefs are from Missouri.

Notice Limbaugh’s birthday is 1/12, and his name sums to 112, as well as 122.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl 112 days after the Rock bought the team in his TV show Ballers.

Andy Reid won the Super Bowl in his 122nd game with Kansas City, defeating San Francisco.

Also, don’t forget that Andy Reid got his 222nd career win in Super Bowl 54, exactly 222 weeks after the Kansas City Royals won the World Series.

Baseball = 54

Rush Limbaugh used to call games for the Royals.

It’s not an accident, it’s a ritual.

And his Monday announcement came a span of 112 days before Super Bowl 55, the 51st of the modern era, and the Chiefs improved to 5-1 the same day.

*You could also say it was 111 days before the Super Bowl, and Mahomes picked up his win in New York. *New York = 111

Keep in mind, October 19 leaves 73 days in the year.

71, 21st prime *Bills picked up 21st reg. season loss vs. the Chiefs

This Monday news also came 281 days after Rush Limbaugh’s 69th birthday.

*281, 60th prime

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