#35, Boston Scott makes the winning touchdown reception, TNF, October 22, 2020 & the presidential election parallel

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With 46 seconds on the clock, the 5’6″, 201st pick of the draft, Boston Scott, made the miraculous catch. His career moment prior to this game was December 29, or 12/29 (12/29, 201st prime).

He was drafted in 2018 (He made an 18 yard game winning TD)
*Philadelphia = 61 (18th prime)
35+21 = 56 (They made a point about Scott being 5’6″)
*Catholic = 35 *Jesuit = 21 *Society of Jesus = 56

Keep in mind the Giants first drive ended at the 46 yard line, and they were beat with a play that began with 46 seconds left in the game. Of course, Joe Biden can become the 46th President, 46 weeks after Pope Francis birthday. And as I said, this game, on the same night as the final debate between Trump and Biden, would foreshadow the election, and it is why I favored the Eagles, because Biden has the better narrative for “selection.” Of course, he can become the 16th Democratic President, and the Giants fell to 1-6 tonight. And again, Biden is from Pennsylvania, and Trump is from New York, like how tonight’s game was Philadelphia vs. New York, with the Philadelphia team winning.

*Notice it was #35, Boston Scott, who we expected to be big in this game, who made the winning catch, on THURSDAY night football.

Joe Biden became VP after 35 years in D.C.
Joe Biden can become the 46th President.
JFK is the only Catholic President to date.
JFK was #35, and killed at age 46.

In the same game they paid tribute to Joe Judge, the coach of the New York Giants, who played the the Catholic Crusaders at Lansdale Catholic.

You’ll also notice the Eagles won with 22 on the 22nd.

And Boston caught the winning TD, that made the 22nd points.

You’ll notice Boston Scott finished the game with 46 rushing yards and 46 passing yards.

And here are some zoom in shots, so you can see the 46 rushing and receiving yards.

For more, read about the Kobe Bryant tribute in this game by NFL.com: https://gematriaeffect.news/nfls-instagram-pays-tribute-to-kobe-bryants-death-at-age-41-on-1-26-with-a-126-video-about-when-the-giants-were-up-31-10-on-his-eagles-before-the-28-point-comeback-december-19-2010-with-dese/

Also read about the Amy Coney Barrett tribute in this game: https://gematriaeffect.news/87-sterling-shepard-caps-off-the-97-yard-drive-october-22-2020-the-day-of-amy-coney-barrett-passing-the-senate/

And for one more, understand the symbolism of #88 for the Giants letting the game slip through his fingertips with a dropped pass: https://gematriaeffect.news/nfl-instagram-promotes-evan-michael-engram-highlight-before-tnf-the-date-of-mr-88-donald-trump-vs-joe-biden-in-the-last-presidential-debate-october-22-2020/

And here’s a few more funny shows from the game.

DeSean Jackson = 121 *Revelation = 121 (Philly named in Revelation)
*DeSean Jackson came into the game was 121 receiving yards for 2020
*He was injured in this game…
*He was the focus of Kobe Bryant’s highlight reel, shared on NFL.com, before the game…

The square root of 121 is 11.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania = 118 *Los Angeles, California = 118

222? Again?

They put up this stat with 22 seconds left in the game, on the 22nd of October, with the Eagles at home. *Eagles = 22

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