Eric Jerome Dickey, bestselling black author, dead at 59, January 3, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism

Not only is this man dead at 59, he is dead 181 days after his birthday, the 42nd prime, thus bringing 42 and 59 together yet again, in the reported death of a black entertainer / celebrity.

February is the month that ends on the 59th day of the year…

And Black History equates to 181, the 42nd prime…

Again and again, it is 42 and 59 when it comes to “black history.”

Read the 18th chapter of my first book Letters & Numbers to learn A LOT more about 42 and 59. You can read the book here.

And notice what the media did with this photo of him…

April 29th, the date of the photo, is the 119th day of the year.

The title of the book, Sleeping with Strangers, ties in perfectly.

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