5-year-old injured by Andy Reid’s son, before Super Bowl 55 (just a coincidence?)

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Super Bowl 55…. 5 year old… Stadium Drive?

Keep in mind Super Bowl 55 is the 51st of the modern era, and notice how Britt Reid fits in, same with ‘Tampa’, the hosting city.


This happened on Thursday, February 4, or 2/4, like 24.

And does Britt make you think of Brady’s old home, New England? Don’t forget Brady picked up his 99th career away win in Arrowhead Stadium, in the 99th NFL season, advancing to Super Bowl 53.

Arrowhead Stadium = 99 *Patrick Mahomes Jr. = 99
*New England = 99


  1. Keenan on February 7, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    – The media is focusing on how there were 2 children, ages 5 & 4, injured. Kansas City won SB 54.
    KC can get their 2nd SB loss and Tampa Bay can get their 2nd SB win, their first since 2002, in the 2020 season.
    – The crash occurred on the 35th day of the year. Car Crash=35/55. Britt Reid is 35 years old.
    – The crash occurred 322 days after Andy Reid’s 62nd birthday and 43 days before his 63rd. Football=43. Yale=43. Florida=43. Cheffers=43. 322….
    – Speaking of Cheffers, playoff underdogs are 4-5 ATS in games where he is head referee.
    – Since Patrick Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback in 2018, the Chiefs are 5-0 straight up in games Cheffers has refereed:
    Week 10, 2018 – Chiefs beat visiting Cardinals 26-14
    Week 1, 2019 – Chiefs won 40-26 in Jacksonville
    Week 16, 2019 – Chiefs won 26-3 in Chicago
    Week 2, 2020 – Chiefs won 23-20 in OT at Chargers
    Week 11, 2020 – Chiefs won 35-31 at Las Vegas
    It would make sense for #51 to make the Chiefs 5-1 in the 51st SB of the modern era in Tampa, in the battle of the 5 seed and 1 seed.

  2. k1 on February 8, 2021 at 5:43 am

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