60 Minutes focuses on how Russia can take down the entire U.S. power grid with a cyberattack, February 27, 2022

Catholic Church Energy Government Jesuit News Predictive Programming

It’s not an accident this was 60 Minutes point of discussion on February 27, 2022, a date having 71 numerology.
2/27/2022 = 2+27+20+22 = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71
Catholic = 71

As for the 60 Minutes episode, it begins with the Metcalf sniper attack of April 16, 2013.
Metcalf Sniper Attack = 71

Notice it equates to 71.

Keep in mind the Jesuit school, Santa Clara University, is located nearby. It was 162-years-old at the time of the attack.
Sun Worship = 162

Santa Clara = 71 *Jesuit Order = 72

As for the other values, 37, 109 and 188…

March 7, or 3/7 like 37, is days away.

April 19, known for chaos, is the 109th day of the year.
-It is the day Ignatius of Loyola became the first Superior General of the Jesuit Order

And in nearly every cyberattack story, they figure out a way to encode the number 188.
Ordo Ab Chao = 188
Bavarian Illuminati = 188
-Founded by a Jesuit
-Order of Illuminati = 201
-Electricity = 129
–129 is 201 in base 8 counting

For more on this subject, read my post about the warning of the grid going down from 2013 here.

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