63-year-old George Clooney tells Joe Biden to get out of the race, 118 days before November 5, 2024

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Today leaves 174 days in the year *Political Theater=174

This news concerns 63-year-old George Clooney telling Biden to get out of the 2024 race.

Of course, JFK was shot in ’63.

JFK was also killed in Dallas, Texas, and today leaves 118 days until the election. *Dallas, Texas=118

Keep in mind JFK would be 107 years old today, and today is 10/7.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107 *Shooting=107

They just paid HUGE tribute to 63, 107 & 118 in the NBA Finals between Boston and Dallas, where JFK is connected heavily to Boston, and died in Dallas. In this case, Dallas ended the Playoffs with only 118 wins, tying in with Dallas as well as the ‘Celtics,’ and Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtic (Celtics=118) (Celtics=46, Joe Biden, #46, JFK dead at 46, Celtics were 46-40 v. Mavs before Game 1).

Notice George Clooney has a May 6, birthday, or 5/6, like 56.

The November 5 election leaves 56 days in the year. *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

George Clooney made this film in 2011, The Ides of March, a title related to the killing of Caesar.
Ides of March=56 & 61 (today has 6/1 date numerology)

The Ides of March=71 (7.1 rating)

That film came out October 7, or 10/7, the other 107 date.

For one last point, Clooney’s fundraiser event for Joe Biden was June 15, the day leaving 199 days in the year, the 46th prime, going with Joe being #46, and JFK being killed at age 46.

Also related, Obama announced he was running for President in the year Clooney turned 46, 2007.

Obama announced 633 days before the November 4, 2008 election (4/11 date, like 411 Elm St., where JFK was shot from)

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