75-year-old woman becomes CNN’s focal point of why you should be sad this year at Hanukkah, December 7, 2023

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This news comes on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, related to World War II, the war that had the Holocaust, now being compared to what happened in Israel on October 7, 2023.

This story is about a 75-year-old woman.

Israel is 75-years-old right now, and CNN’s idea today is that you should be sad for this Hanukkah.

The dilemma is the war and the hostage situation.

Never forget this headline from the New York Times, October 6, 1940.
Order Out of Chaos=75
New World Order=75
Catholic Church=75
Roman Catholic=75

The Superior General, Arturo Sosa, turned 75, November 12, 2023, shortly after the start of the war.
Ignatius of Loyola=75, Adam Weishaupt=75

The Pope will turn 87 December 17, Saturnalia. It goes with the Jesuit suppression ending on August 7 in history, or 8/7, like 87. *Ignatius of Loyola=87 *The Catholic Church=87

Hanukkah also equates to 42 and the Holocaust began in ’42.
World War=42

Think about it…

Notice the character is the story, Jean Joachim.
Jean Joachim=44 & 64
Israel=44 & 64
Zion=44 & 64

44 traces back to the beginning of Israel and the times of Theodor Herzl. 64 traces back to the United States formation 64 days after the establishment of the Illuminati, by a Jewish man, Adam Weishaupt.

And now, back to the article…


New York to Seattle…?
Richard Sills=84
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84
United States of America=84

Recall, Israel waited until October 8, 2023 to declare war, a Sunday, and the day leaving 84 days in the year. *Sunday=84

For one more, the gematria of ‘Menorah.’ The 74, 38, 115 & 34.

Men, or, eh…? A question people are having to ask more and more in 2023.

Remember, Gaza strip is getting smashed at age 74.

And recall the 38 ritual with the USS Gerald Ford, named after the 38th President.

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