86-year-old killed in Brooklyn hospital after breaking social distancing guidelines, April 9, 2020 news

Coronavirus Medical News


Notice the woman was 86, and is dead in relation to the coronavirus hysteria. Further, notice she died at Woodhull Medical.

The key detail is how grabbing at the ‘IV pole’ led to murder, or in legal terms, manslaughter.

This news break on 4/9, or April 9.

Further, notice this happened on the 88th day of the year, in one of the most Jewish neighborhoods on the planet.

The name of the woman who died, Janie Marshall, sums to 228, like death.

*Death = 228

The name of the woman who is in trouble sums to 222, like ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

And then there is this again…

Remember when #PresidentCuomo was trending?  It was another 201, like Event 201, hosted in New York, shortly before the outbreak.