87-year-old Bengals fans, James Lipscomb

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The name James Lipscomb has fascinating gematria.
James Lipscomb = 47 / 79 / 137 / 214
-First Super Bowl in 47th season of NFL
-Society of Jesus = 79
-Xavier = 79
-Bengals improve to 13-7 advancing to Super Bowl
-137 (33rd prime), and last Bengals Super Bowl was 33-years-ago

The surname goes with the new star QB.
-Lipscomb = 46 / 127
-Joe Burrow = 46 / 127

And notice the detail about 1968.
-Championship = 68
-337, 68th prime
-Howard Hesseman announced dead before AFC Championship
-He died on his 337th day of his age
-Bengals played with game ball #337 in AFC Championship


As for him being 87, the Bengals are 8-6 vs. the Rams at the moment. Some stories have his age listed as 86 instead of 87.


  1. Aaravos on February 2, 2022 at 5:34 pm

    There’s a Lipscomb University in Nashville. They’re the Bison. Ox year ended the day this was published.

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