9 children, 1 adult killed in Alabama interstate accident, June 20, 2021

News Psychological Operation

91, 13th triangular number
-Alabama = 13
-6/20/2021 = 6+2+0+2+0+2+1 = 13

91 and 13 have a strong relationship in mathematics (also, 13 weeks is 91 days), and Alabama has a strong relationship with 13, as we have demonstrated countless times in the world of Alabama sports. Notice, 9 and 1 in the headline, in ‘Alabama’, in a tragedy, a story of several dead young girls in a bad accident and fire. Ask yourself, even if this is true, what kind of vibration is created throughout the nations (and others parts of the world) that this news is broadcast to. And keep in mind it is Sunday, where the Christians of North America (the majority religion) are trying to be on a higher spiritual vibration.

With regards to that, think of Jesus and his 12 disciples, thus 13 and all, and there are many who contend that this is a tribute to astrotheology which references the sun and the 12 constellations of stars (the zodiac). These things become more interesting when you consider Jesus was a fisherman, and he performed miracles with fish, and Christianity is set in the time of Pisces, the Age, and Pisces is symbolized as the fish. Of course you have seen the “Jesus fish” on the back of many cars before.

Fisherman = 93
God’s Son = 93
Nazareth = 93
Crucifix = 93


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