FDA authorizes boosters for Pfizer and Moderna, November 19, 2021, the day leaving 42 days in the year

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On November 19, the day leaving 42 days in the year, we get the latest vaccine approval ritual. This time it is the Pfizer and Moderna boosters.
Vaccine = 42, Jesuit = 42

Keep in mind the beast (666) rules for 42 months in Revelation.
Vaccination = 666



  1. SonnyC on November 19, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Note that “authorization” and “approval” are different legal terms. You can only sue the manufacturer of an FDA *approved* product if you suffer damages, not so with *authorized*.

  2. KingTuff77 on February 3, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    Hey Zach, its Joshua Krantz. I was searching through your posts for a Dr. James Giordano, but was unlucky in finding anything on this parasite of person. He Jesuit Georgetown educated and wouldn’t ya know it, in the field of Biotechnology and Nano Particle Tech. Both of which he has been talking about since 2017. This man has contributed severely to the implementation of the use of this nano tech, and to use it in “Vaccines.” I am working on a decode of him and this technology. From what I have gathered, the field of Biotech has been around for nearly 20 years. Georgetown and others have contributed heavy duty funding for the development and advertisements at federal and state levels within the US government. The ultimate goal for them aspiring to do something like this, is to affect brain physiology and make up. I watched a video published on Bitchute exactly 12:01 am on New Year’s day called the DARPA Pandemic Assassination Program. And in this video, Giordano goes on and on about this technology, its’ capabilities, and practical uses as well as “examples” or fictitious scenarios in which this tech could be used to assassinate enemies of the state, or affect their physiological make up and cause them to feel sick and or distressed. Even cause paranoia at such lengths as to make the individual think or feel like they are going crazy through auditory or visual hallucinations. The implications of such ideologies being conducted at Georgetown in the years prior to this “pandemic” could prove to be quite damaging to the appearance of their “motives” and poke big holes in their propagandist agenda. Any ways, I apologize for missing some of the latest live streams, been hard at work decoding this sick puppy as well as Robocop 2014 edition and its’ predecessor Robocop 1987. I am working with a Chromebook and its’ operating system is kind of lame. So I’m using Google Docs to create presentations. Trying to figure out a way to create posts like you and Rambo do. But I am not too tech savvy. Thank you for inspiring me to be a part of, and contribute to this wonderful community you’ve created over the years. I have gone through and watched nearly every single TFR episode on Gematria Effect News 22, and now in the year 22. Synchronicituous one might say! #OKCApril19

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