The SEC’s lawsuit of XRP (the Ripple Coin), December 22, 2020, 201 days before Jay Clayton’s birthday

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Notice the 201. Ignatius of Loyola = 201Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (First Jesuit Pope, first to live in Suite 201)-Catherine the Great and the 201 Jesuits–Jonathan Pryce = 201 (Actor who plays Pope Francis)–Catholic Pope = 201 Jay Clayton’s lawsuit against Ripple (XRP), December 22, 2020, was 201 days before his upcoming birthday, July…

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Ripple XRP’s August 4, 2013 debut & why November 13, 2022 could be a major milestone for the cryptocurrency


Link. Notice XRP was first traded in the crypto exchange on August 4, 2013. That date cane be written 4/8, or 8/4. And because we know XRP is fond of the number 22, I’ll point out that November 13, 2022 will be 484 weeks after August 4, 2013, a number having a square…

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Cardano cryptocurrency & Charles Hoskinson | More evidence the Jesuits control the crypto market

Cryptocurrency Financial Jesuit

Notice Cardano launched on September 27, the same day in history the Jesuits were recognized by Rome. As for Charles Hoskinson, his birthday is November 5, Guy Fawkes day, the day leaving 56 days in the year. And for the clincher, notice ‘Cardano’ equates to 56. Bitcoin, Jesuit.Ethereum, Jesuit.XRP, Jesuit. I suppose we’ll have to…

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Five arrested in connection with fatal shooting of rapper Pop Smoke, July 9, 2020 +New album on July 3

Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

This news came Thursday, July 9, 2020, the 191st day of the leap year. Society of Jesus = 191 / 79 / 56 (July 9, or 7/9) *7+9+20+20 = 56 Recall, his death on February 19, was the day leaving 316 days in the leap year. Jesus Christ = 316 (Hebrew) John 3:16 As we discussed…

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Federal judge blocks Trump administration’s attempt to block release of John Bolton’s new book on June 23, 2020

Government Politics This news comes Saturday, June 20, 2020, three days before the released of the book on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.  6/23/2020 = 6+23+(2+0+2+0) = 33 The release date leaves 191 days left in the year.  *Society of Jesus = 191 191, 43rd prime; *Book = 2+15+15+11 = 43 The tile sums to 251, the 54th prime,…

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Definitive proof the May 6, 2020 Greg Anderson viral coronavirus story (and GoFundMe) is a psy-op

Coronavirus Government News Police State

The checkmate with the black and white checkerboard is the touch that seals the masonic deal, complimenting the “Granderson33”, who is married to the woman with the account “j_andy333”. Screenshot Credit: Nice snake tattoos.  This guy could double for a World Health Organization logo. The account name ‘Granderson33’ fits right in with the coronavirus agenda…

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