Hugh Douglas loses his son at age 20 in Georgia car crash, September 4, 2023 (and September 5 news)

Car Crash Catholic Church Death Education Jesuit Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports

This news broke on September 5, or 5/9, like 59. It’s the slave code. The death was near Atlanta.Atlanta, Georgia = 59 94.1 WIP host?Roman Catholic Church = 94The Jesuits and 95 (9/5 date)Philadelphia, on I-95 The son died on September 4, or 9/4, the 247th day of the year.The U.S. is 247 (born in…

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After flooding parts of Florida, Idalia’s worst weather shifts to Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, August 30, 2023

Climate Change / Environment Flood Freemasonry History Jesuit Military News Royal Family Secret Societies

This news comes August 30, 2023, a day after the anniversary of Katrina. The date can be written 8/30.Flood = 83Earth = 83 Genesis 8:3 is where the biblical flood ends up after 150 days. Illuminati = 150–Bavarian Illuminati = 127–Tropical Storm Idalia = 127 And look at the top page just beneath the…

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Trump hires Steven Sadow in Georgia before surrendering on Pluto Demotion Day, August 24, 2023 (Disney & the Illuminati)

Celebrity Elections Federal Government History Legal News Psychological Operation

Trump is surrendering in Atlanta today, August 24, 2023. Zenith of the Alpha noticed that today is the day Pluto was demoted from a planet in 2006, bringing the count from 9 planets, down to 8. It happened in the 8th month, on the 24th day (Pluto = 24). Pluto-cracy? Notice, from Pluto’s discovery, in…

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Trump indicted in Georgia August 14, 2023, his 62nd day of his age (and the news on August 15) (Major League Baseball, Yankees & Braves)

Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal News Psychological Operation

It’s the fourth indictment, in the fourth state, Georgia. *Georgia = 44-Trump was the 44th person to be US President Trump was indicted late, August 14, 2023, his 62nd day of his age.Donald J. Trump = 148 (14/8)The Art of the Deal = 148*Georgia = 62 Again, Trump’s fourth indictment comes from the fourth…

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Georgia on the verge of indicting Donald Trump, August 14, 2023 evening news

Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal Fulton County = 138Donald Trump = 138–Fulton = 88–Trump = 88 Remember, tomorrow is August 15, the Jesuit Order’s birthday, and a likely day for the indictment. That’s because August 15 leaves 138 days in the year. And don’t overlook this report from a little earlier today, revealing the game that is being played.…

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Fani Willis to bring fourth indictment against Donald Trump in fourth state, Georgia (and the January 1, 2021 offense)

Celebrity Elections Federal Legal News Politics

This one’s about the voting breach in “Coffee County,” quite the name, and another C.C. or 3.3. It’s right there with Hillary’s 33,000 emails. Today is August 13 or 13/8, like 138. August 15, the Jesuit Order’s birthday leaves 138 days in the year. Recall how it also connects with ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘federal.’ Think…

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Donald Trump’s fourth indictment to come from the state of Georgia, August 12, 2023 news

Elections Federal Government Legal News Trump’s fourth indictment is to come from Georgia, the fourth state, prior the to the 60th US Presidential Election. You know the relationship with 4 and 60, right?FOUR = 6+15+21+18 = 60Donald Trump = 60 This news broke August 12, Trump’s 60th day of his age. Read more about 60 here. What a joke.…

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4 dead in shooting in Georgia, Saturday, July 15, 2023

Death Gun Control Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers News Police State

Four dead in the fourth state in a mass shooting?Georgia = 44Shooting = 44Mass Shooter = 44-Dogwood Lakes = 193-193, 44th prime As we know, ‘four’ is the number of death. This news comes on a Saturday.Saturday = 107 & 109Shooting = 107 & 109 This shooting is just outside Atlanta on the 15th.Atlanta…

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CNN pays tribute to weather warfare, Sunday, March 26, 2023, as tornado kills 26 in Georgia

Climate Change / Environment Jesuit Military News Weather

CNN has promoted this story to the top on Sunday, March 26, 2023, the date with 52 numerology. As we know, that is the ‘flood’ number, and the number of weather warfare, admitted to since ’52.3/26/23 = 3+26+23 = 52Flood = 52 It’s also a date that can be written 26/3, like 263.263, 56th primeClimate…

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Athens-Clarke County Police Department issues arrest warrant for Jalen Carter, Georgia football player, March 1, 2023

Car Crash Death Legal News Sports

Read about Devin Willock’s January 15, 2023 death here. The accident was January 15, after Georgia’s mega 15 ritual in the college football championship six days earlier. That was 79-days before Jalen Carter’s upcoming April 4 birthday, and today, March 1, also 34-days before his upcoming birthday.Murder = 79 / 34 Devin Willock = 139…

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