CNN puts out image of Mia Schem showing a Monarch Butterfly tattoo on her finger, December 4, 2023

Catholic Church Federal Government Jewish Related Mind Control News Terrorism War

Notice the Monarch Butterfly on Mia Schem’s finger.Monarch Butterfly=201 & 75State of Israel=201 (75 years old) Recall the CIA ran the 201 MK Ultra program, symbolized with the butterfly, but supposedly ended it. Read more about Mia Schem here.

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Mia Schem, Genesis 10:21 and Netanyahu’s 74th birthday, October 21, 2023

Biblical Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News War

Read about the first Hamas hostage video release and Mia Schem. I overlooked then the significance of Schem to Genesis. Notice in Genesis 10:21, Schem is referenced. Of course, this year, on 10:21, Netanyahu turned 74.Jewish=74Occult=74Masonic=74Killing=74Stabbing=74 Again, Gaza is 74, so is the Superior General, and a Jewish woman was stabbed to death in Michigan…

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Mia Schem, the first hostage video released by Hamas, October 16, 2023

Catholic Church Islam Jewish Related News Psychological Operation War

The first video of a hostage taken by Hamas from the October 7, 2023 attack on the concert is that of Mia Schem. Notice how her name Gematria fits the ritual and overlaps perfectly with ‘Catholic.’-October 7, 2023 was 71 days before the Pope’s birthday-October 7, 2023 was Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday-Hamas is 35-years-old-Israel declared…

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Hundreds dead in Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital blast in Gaza, October 17, 2023

Biblical Islam Jesuit Jewish Related News Religion War World War

Notice the image for the hospital tragedy is made up of children with one woman, which make up a very large percentage of the people still alive in Gaza. There are many children, and women. Lots of the men are dead for one reason or another due to the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.…

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