Mia Schem, the first hostage video released by Hamas, October 16, 2023

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The first video of a hostage taken by Hamas from the October 7, 2023 attack on the concert is that of Mia Schem. Notice how her name Gematria fits the ritual and overlaps perfectly with ‘Catholic.’
-October 7, 2023 was 71 days before the Pope’s birthday
-October 7, 2023 was Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday
-Hamas is 35-years-old
-Israel declared war on Hamas 35 days before the Superior General’s birthday
-Israel was established 14/5 (like 145) in 1948
-Temple Mount is the target (Temple Mount=46) (Religion=46)

Schem is 21-years-old, going with Saturday being named after Saturn. October 7 was a Saturday.
Saturn = 21
Jesuit = 21
Schem = 21


The video was released on October 16, 9 days after the attack, and on the 100th anniversary of Disney being established. Of course, Disney was DeMolay, and DeMolay is Knights Templar, going with October 7 leaving 85 days in the year, and October 16 leaving 76.
Templar = 85
Disney= 76

As you know, Israel is 75 right now, a significant number.
Catholic Church = 75
DeMolay = 75

I bring up these details because of how the word ‘hostage’ overlaps with ‘DeMolay.’


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