CNN pays tribute to the death of Terry Yeakey, the Oklahoma City bombing hero cop found murdered, March 3, 2023

Freemasonry History Murder by Numbers Police State Secret Societies Terrorism

This news comes on March 3, or 3/3, reminding that Timothy McVeigh was put to death at 33.Police = 33Order = 33Secrecy = 33Masonry = 33*False Flag = 33 Let us not forget he was killed on May 8, or 5/8, in ’96.Freemasonry = 58 / 59 / 139 / 158Secret Society = 58Terry Yeakey…

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LeBron James 36 points from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar before facing Oklahoma City Thunder, February 7, 2023

History News Sports

Today, February 7, 2023, is the 113th day of the NBA season.The National Basketball Association = 113-It is 112 days before the season began, 68 days before Kareem’s birthday-Mathematics = 112 / 68 Today, LeBron has a chance to set the NBA points record.-He needs 36 points to pass Kareem–Record = 36 / 36–Thunder =…

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Joe Biden introduced the Omnibus Counterterrorism Bill of 1995 on February 10, 68-days before the Oklahoma City bombing

Federal History Jesuit Predictive Programming Terrorism As we have covered, there are many 68s encoded in the Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. And here’s one more. Joe Biden introduced a Counterterrorism bill exactly 68-days before the bomb went off. Terror = 68CIA = 68-McVeigh born in ’68-The bombing 68-days after Keating’s birthday-Patriot’s Day =…

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James Guy Tucker Jr., the 43rd Governor of Arkansas, at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing in ’95

Federal Government Jesuit News Politics Terrorism

Notice, the Governor of Arkansas at the time of the Oklahoma City Bombing was James Guy Tucker Jr., who was born in Oklahoma City. Of course, the story was that Timothy McVeigh was radicalized in Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was from, the President at the time. And adding insult to injury, he was born on…

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The parallels between the Oklahoma City and Boston Patriot’s Day bombings, April 19, 1995 and April 15, 2013

Catholic Church Entertainment Federal Government History Islam Jesuit Predictive Programming Terrorism In 2001, Oklahoma City began a marathon in tribute to the victims of the ’95 Federal Building bombing… Once again, it happened on Patriot’s Day. And that was 18-years before the Patriot’s Day Marathon Bombing in Boston, a very Catholic city…–Murrah building was 18-years-old when it blew up–IHS = 18 / 18-Sun = 18…

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Gennifer Flowers of Oklahoma City and the OKC April 19, 1995 bombing on her 86th day of her age in light of Bill Clinton and Jesuit Georgetown

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Explosion Jesuit Knights Templar Predictive Programming Terrorism

Notice it was January 23, 1992 that the Gennifer Flowers story emerged. That was Georgetown’s 203rd birthday, and of course, Bill Clinton, #42, went to Georgetown.Georgetown = 42Jesuit = 42 Ignatius of Loyola = 231 (23/1 date)-Founder of the Jesuits-Georgetown, first US Jesuit University-231 Gates in Kabbalah (Book of Formation) Funny enough, Gennifer Flowers was…

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The North Face gear of the news crew at the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial on April 19, 2022

Catholic Church Corporate History Jesuit New World Order News Terrorism

The other members of this news team, besides just the man pictured, at the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 2022), were all wearing The North Face gear… The North Face was established in ’68.The North Face = 201The Jesuit Order = 201-Catholicism = 68-1968, the year of major “201 agendas”-Timothy McVeigh…

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The bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building 117-weeks after Bill Clinton became President of the United States & 243-days after his birthday (Central Intelligence Agency & The Holy Bible — Jesus, Tammuz & Easter)

Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit Politics Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Religion Terrorism

The Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing of April 19, 1995 came exactly 117-weeks after Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States, and exactly 243-days after his 48th birthday. Don’t forget the CIA was established September 18, 1947, 201-days after Pope Pius XII’s birthday on March 2 of that year. And for all…

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The death of Terrance Yeakey, the first police officer on the site of the Oklahoma City Building bombing, May 8, 1996

Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Police State

Terrance Yeakey died 181-days after his birthday (suicided).181, 42nd primeNigger = 42 / 30 (He was 30)Police = 30 He died in the time of #42, Bill Clinton, a Georgetown grad.Georgetown = 42Freemason = 42Jesuit = 42 He died on May 8, or 5/8, like 58, or 8/5, like 85.Freemasonry = 58-Freemason = 96 (Dead…

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Richard Snell’s execution the day of the Oklahoma City Building bombing, April 19, 1995 (and Robert G. Millar)

Federal Government History Racism Terrorism

This man, accused of plotting to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building in ’83, was put to death April 19, 1995, the date of the bombing blamed on Timothy McVeigh. Richard Snell = 201Timothy McVeigh = 201Terry Lynn Nichols = 201Ignatius of Loyola = 201The Jesuit Order = 201*Mercury Marquis = 201*Capital Punishment = 201*Triclavianism…

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