The parallels between the Oklahoma City and Boston Patriot’s Day bombings, April 19, 1995 and April 15, 2013

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In 2001, Oklahoma City began a marathon in tribute to the victims of the ’95 Federal Building bombing…

Bill Clinton, #42 was in office when OKC happened (42 KM)
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon = 129 (129 is 201 in base 8 counting)

Once again, it happened on Patriot’s Day.

And that was 18-years before the Patriot’s Day Marathon Bombing in Boston, a very Catholic city…
Murrah building was 18-years-old when it blew up
IHS = 18 / 18
-Sun = 18

The Boston Marathon Bombing occurred April 15, 2013, Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, the 105th day of the year, leaving 260-days remaining.
Boston, Massachusetts = 260
Seán Patrick O’Malley = 260
-The Archbishop of Boston at the time

He was 68-years-old at the time.
Patriot’s Day = 68 / 49 (Bomb went off at 11:49)
Catholicism = 68
Mathematics = 68
Solar System = 68
And Jesus Wept = 68
-Statue at OKC Memorial
-OKC bombing came 68-days after Governor’s birthday at the time
-Boston bombing came just before 68th season for Celtics

The attack came a span of 76-days from his 69th birthday.
Bomb = 76
-Deval Patrick = 76

Adding to the Catholic theme, Boston had its 71st Governor at the time, Deval Laurdine Patrick.
Catholic = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71

The attack came 258-days after his July 31 birthday, and on the 105th day of the year.
Order of Illuminati = 93 / 105 / 201 / 258
-201 was the number all over the Patriot’s Day ritual in OKC bombing
Boston Marathon Bombing = 93 (Tsarnaev born in ’93)
-OKC Bombing tied to ’93 and Waco
-Clinton became president in ’93
-Boston Mayor took office in ’93

And notice Patrick worked under Clinton, who again, was president when OKC happened.

The attack also came 109-days after the Mayor of Boston’s birthday, reminding that the OKC bombing happened on the 109th day of the year, and Clinton signed the legislation to make the memorial on October 9, 1997, emphasis on 10/9, like 109.
Military = 109

Thomas Menino = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

And finally, it came 254-days after Barack Obama’s birthday, the man with all the parallels to Osama, reminding that 9/11 happened on the 254th day of the year.

Making matters even more interesting, the first OKC Memorial Marathon was on the 119th day of the year, in the year of September 11, 2001, or 11/9. Furthermore, the marathon happened 135-days before September 11, 2001.
Terrorism = 135
Central Intelligence Agency = 135

Recall, OKC happened 243-days after Clinton’s August 19 birthday, and exactly 117-weeks after he took office on January 20, 1993.

It goes along with the Boston Marathon Bombing happening 119-days after Pope Francis birthday, and 33-days after he became the first Jesuit Pope on March 13, 2013. (Massachusetts = 33).

Francis = 119
Vatican = 119
All Seeing Eye = 119

It also came 351-days after the Superior General’s birthday, the 26th tri. number, going with the 26-mile race that is the Boston Marathon.

351, 26th triangular number

For yet another parallel, it is the Gematria of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Oklahoma City = 191
Richard Wayne Snell = 191
Society of Jesus = 191
Unconquered Sun = 191
-OKC bombing 191-days before Alfred P. Murrah’s birthday anniversary (Oct. 27)

Again, the attacks came 18-years apart.

AND FYI, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev also equates with ‘Osama bin Laden.’

241, 53rd prime
53rd Mayor of Boston at the time

He was 19-years-old at the time as well, like the 19 hijackers on 9/11…
Chaos = 19

Pressure Cooker Bombs = 274 *Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274
Pressure Cooker Bombs = 86 *Jesuits = 86

Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev = 322
Patriot’s Day = 149
Skull and Bones = 149

And finally, the hero of the Boston Marathon Bombing was Carlos Alexander Brian Arredondo, the ‘Cowboy.’ Of course, Oklahoma State is known for Cowboys, and the word itself has a major parallel to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma = 83
Cowboy = 83
-Attempted destruction of Murrah Building in ’83
Richard Wayne Snell = 83
-The accused would-be bomber in ’83
-He was put to death April 19, 1995

Carlos Arredondo = 243
Central Intelligence Agency = 243

He is from Costa Rica.
Costa Rica = 154
-15/4 bombing

Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo = 149 *Patriot’s Day = 149

He was born 25/8, like 258…
Order of Illuminati = 258
Number of the Beast = 258

His son also died on August 25…

And again, it came 258-days after the Governor’s birthday, connecting with the fact that the Marathon finish line was at 666 Boylston Street.


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