Salman Rushdie, Satan, Nero and St. Peter’s Cross: The Narrative of The Hanged Man

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The premise of my work is that  ancient allegories and symbols, rules of astrology and gematria appear to be the elements of a code  that determines the events of the human story, and that the world’s economic and political elite orchestrate some events using these allegories, symbols and gematria for the scripts. The Roman Catholic…

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Salman Rushdie is talking and joking, Sunday, August 14, 2022, two days after stabbing

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This news comes Sunday, August 14, 2022, 56-days after Salman Rushdie’s June 19 birthday.Society of Jesus = 322 Today’s news also comes 322-days after the September 26, 2021 publishing anniversary of The Satanic Verses, his 1988 book that is at the center of the stabbing story.

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Salman Rushdie stabbed 33 years after his Fatwa +Gematria Effect News (YouTube) short videos, August 12, 2022 (cell phone friendly)

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Sometimes shorter videos are better to share with friends and family. And don’t overlook the detail about 33 years in the stabbing of Salman Rushdie. Fatwa ties in with the 33-years.Fatwa = 84 Masonry = 84 / 33Jesuit = 84 Again, he was stabbed 54-days after his birtdhay.Salman Rushdie = 54Jesuit Order = 54…

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Salman Rushdie stabbed in neck in New York, August 12, 2022, 54-days after his birthday

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Notice this comes 54-days after his June 19, 2022 birthday.Jesuit Order = 54 / 144Salman Rushdie = 54 / 144 We are in the time of Leo, the sun.Sun = 54 His work focuses on the tensions between the east and the west… Update: Notice, the attacker of 75-year-old Salman Rushdie is Hadi Matar.New…

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The Hanged Man in the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, Freemason Involvement Acknowledged, Robin Hood and Donald Trump

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My premise has been that the world is run by a code that involves gematria, ancient allegory and symbolism. The symbol of the The Hanged Man of the tarot deck is a surprisingly central influence on major world events as well as on popular culture. I have demonstrated how the most salient person in the…

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The Satanic Verses, published September 26, 1988

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September 26? Recall, Olivia Newton-John just died on August 8, and her birthday was September 26.Satanic Verses = 88 / 47Beast = 88 / 47 And following Olivia’s death, August 9, Serena Williams, born on September 26, retired. And this year, September 26, 2022, will mark the last day of the Jewish Sabbatical year, something…

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