The Hanged Man in the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, Freemason Involvement Acknowledged, Robin Hood and Donald Trump

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My premise has been that the world is run by a code that involves gematria, ancient allegory and symbolism. The symbol of the The Hanged Man of the tarot deck is a surprisingly central influence on major world events as well as on popular culture.

I have demonstrated how the most salient person in the world at the moment Donald Trump is heavily coded by The Hanged Man:

TIME magazine displayed him in The Hanged Man position which is based on the Roman god Mercury. The planet Mercury rules the zodiac sign of Gemini; Donald Trump is a Gemini.

Gallows were front and center at his January 6th so-called Capitol insurrection, and he has been accused of supposedly attempting to strangle a Secret Service agent at the January 6th event.

He constantly refers to political figures choking; even stating “I Can’t Breathe” which has become the slogan of this era.

And no coincidence that this is also a time when the entire world has been restricting its own breathing with mask wearing.

These are just a few examples of events based on The Hanged Man archetype.

Last week I spoke on the controversial Indian-British author Salman Rushdie being stabbed ostensibly because of his book The Satanic Verses being declared blasphemous to Islam by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini. The cover of his book reveals The Hanged Man theme with one figure choking another.

The upside-down Hanged Man reflects the upside-down Saint Peter’s Cross, which in astrological terms is The Mutable Cross formed on the zodiacal pie chart by the Mutable signs of Sagittarius-Gemini, Pisces-Virgo. Salman Rushdie is a Gemini, the symbol for Sagittarius is the bow and arrow which appears on the cover of The Satanic Verses.

Salman Rushdie was stabbed 12 times according to the official report. The Hanged Man is trump card # 12.

The attack happened on the 12th. August 12th, 2022.

A Hanged Man ritual occurred on June 3rd, 2022 at a semi-final of the French Open of tennis when a female climate activist attached herself – by her neck, to the net.

She then did the “As Above so Below” gesture while sporting a shirt that read “We have 1028 Days Left”.

In numerology 0 has no value, so 1028 can be 128.

128 is like 12-8; 12th August the date of the Salman Rushdie attack.

Kevin Costner has hit The Hanged Man pose famously on the poster for the classic Field of Dreams.

“Kevin Michael Costner” sums to 1208, like the date 12th August, and the same numerology of 1028 that the climate activist had on her shirt while doing The Hanged Man ritual.

June 3rd, 2022 was the date of the climate activist’s Hanged Man ritual at the French Open of Tennis.

June 3rd is the anniversary date of one of the founding of one of the most widely supported sports franchises in the world Liverpool Football Club of the football/soccer Premier League England.

The largest-scale event of mass-asphyxiation and the biggest sports tragedy in British history took place at an F.A. Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. All the casualties were of Liverpool supporters.

The venue was the neutral Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield. The event is known as the Hillsborough Disaster in which 97 spectators would die, mostly by asphyxiation.

This happened on April 15th in the year 1989. 89 is a key number as the gematria value of “THE MUTABLE CROSS”.


Liverpool were born in Gemini which is part of The Mutable Cross which is The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man tarot card represents the planet Neptune.

The Roman god Neptune is the Greek Poseidon. His most recognizable symbol is the trident.

The original logo of Liverpool Football Club literally features Poseidon/Neptune.

In gematria “LIVERPOOL” = 119

“POSEIDON” = 119.

Liverpool’s opponent at the time of the disaster was “Nottingham Forest Football Club” which sums to 1190 in the Latin/Agrippa/Jewish cipher. 1190 is the same as 119 in numerology.

From the date of the Hillsborough disaster (April 15th, 1989) to Liverpool’s foundation anniversary (June 3rd, 1989) 1 month 19 days, like 119.

That same period of time is also 49 days.

This is also a span of 50 days, beginning through end dates.

The Hanged Man is “UPSIDE-DOWN” which has matching gematria with “NOTTINGHAM” at 49 and 50.

From the 2022 anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster, to the Hanged Man ritual stabbing of Salman Rushdie is a period of 119 days.

Liverpool Football Club were founded on a date with numerology of 119: June 3rd, 1892.

This means that Liverpool Football Club are currently 130 years old.


A key gematria code is a number for “UPSIDE-DOWN” which is 130 in Simple or English Ordinal gematria. This is a major code number that emerges in rituals and events based off of The Hanged Man archetype.

The section of the stadium where the crush that asphyxiated the Liverpool supporters occurred was called the Leppings Lane end.

“LEPPINGS LANE” has a value of 130.

These are current day players for Premier League behemoth Arsenal Football Club, Emile SmithRowe on the left and Bukayo Saka on the right, doing “The Hanged Man” leg pose most likely as a Freemason initiation. His last name “SMITH ROWE” has triple overlap with “UPSIDE DOWN”.

Acknowledgement to Matt of for showing me this one, and for suggesting The Hanged Man connection to the Hillsborough disaster.

Adam West is famous for portraying Batman in the 1960s television series.

Bats are associated with upside-down in fact some tarot card decks feature a bat as the Hanged Man. Donald Trump the Hanged Man figure is famous for saying “I Am Batman”!

“Adam West” sums to 130 like “upside-down”.

Ironically, “BREATHE” sums to 130 in the Agrippa/Jewish cipher.

Liverpool’s opponent at the Hillsborough disaster was Nottingham Forest. The city of Nottingham is most famous as the home of the legend of Robin Hood. “Robin” can be a Batman reference.

The Hanged Man is the Mutable cross of the zodiac which has Gemini-Sagittarius as one axis.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, that is personified as Hermes in Greek mythology.

Hermes/Mercury is called The Prince of Thieves which is a title given to Robin Hood. His bow and arrow are a Sagittarius symbol.

The Hollywood movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was released in 1991 on Donals Trump’s birthday 14th June and starred the other Hanged Man Kevin Costner.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was released on a date with 130 numerology: 6+14+19+91 = 130.

The “upside-down” code number.

“HILLSBOROUGH” sums to 146 like the date 14th June when Robin Hood was released; Robin Hood the icon of Nottingham whom Liverpool were playing at Hillsborough on that horrific day.

Freemason involvement was acknowledged in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.

The Hanged Man symbolism is particularly significant to Freemasonry where the initiation Entered Apprentice ritual involves a loose noose around the neck. Remember Donald Trump’s association with “The Apprentice”.

This is the presentation of the well publicized Freemason Entered Apprentice, simulating a medieval heretic on his way to the gallows.

While Freemasonry is not evil in and of itself, it was infiltrated by an evil entity known as the Illuminati, a coup openly acknowledged at the 1786 Congress of Wilhelmsbad in Hanau, Germany.


  1. TruthUK on August 25, 2022 at 5:18 am

    • Hillsborough happened 201 days after the Jesuit recognition date Sep 27th

    Upside Down Cross = 201
    The Jesuit Order = 201

    • Hillsborough Stadium = 89
    • Twelfth Major Arcana Card = 89
    • The Mutable Cross = 89

    • The inexperienced police chief in charge of the game and a central figure to the ritual was David Duckenfield who was born 8/30 and therefore a Virgo

    • From Duckenfield’s birthday to Hillsborough was 228 days which is the sum of ‘Death’ in English Sumerian

    • It was also 137 days until Duckenfield’s birthday, 137 the 33rd prime number an obvious connection to those in the know

    • Another central figure was Kenny Dalglish who was Liverpool manager at the time and with a March 4th birthday is a Pisces and Hillsborough came on the 43rd day of his age

    Killing, Masonic, Lucifer, Inverted, Mutable and Sheffield all equate to 43

    • Two other central figures to the ritual are Brian Clough who was Nottingham Forest Manager and Peter Wright who was the chief of the South Yorkshire Police – both of whom would die in the time of Virgo (Wright 9/17/2011 Clough 9/20/2004)

    • For a long time, the number of people they say died in the disaster was 96 until they added 1 more years later making it 97 victims matching the gematria of ‘Hillsborough Disaster’ ‘Inverted’ and ‘Death’

    • The main cause of death in the terrace crush was ‘Compression Asphyxia’

    Compression Asphyxia = 96

    • Hillsborough is the home of Sheffield Wednesday FC

    Sheffield Wednesday FC = 96

    • Hillsborough Stadium first opened on September 2nd 1899, a date in Virgo – emphasis on 99

    • The anthem of Liverpool FC is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ which sums to 99

    • The disaster happened on the 71st day before the birthday of Modern Freemasonry on 6/24

    David Duckenfield = 71
    The Society Of Jesus = 71
    Catholic = 71
    Zodiacal = 71
    Virgo = 71

    • From the disaster to the stadiums birthday is 20 weeks and 1 day like the number 201 and ‘Upside Down Cross’

    • The disaster happened on the 105th day of the year ; Leppings Lane, Sheffield = 105

    • The Prime Minister of Britain in 1989 was Margaret Thatcher, a huge figure in this, who was born 10/13 and the disaster was 181 days before her birthday

    The Mutable Cross = 181

    • The disaster would lead to all seater stadiums in the UK, Hillsborough happened on the day leaving 260 days in the year

    All Seater Stadiums = 260/55
    The Mutable Cross = 55
    The Hanged Man = 55

    • It could also be said it was 26 weeks and 3 days after Thatcher’s birthday, 263 the 56th prime

    Stadium Disaster = 56
    Liverpool FC = 56
    Masonic Ritual = 56
    Society Of Jesus = 56

    • Rambo on August 25, 2022 at 2:59 pm

      “Twelfth Major Arcana Card = 89” Nice one! Dalglish Pisces is huge! Neptune rules Pisces. The Hanged Man card represents the planet Neptune and of course Liverpool’s original badge literally had the god Neptune on it. Italian Fiorentina player Davide Astori died in 2018 on 3rd March supposedly by a sudden heart attack at age 31.
      Peter Wright’s 17-9 death date is Batman Day. 179 the 41st prime number. “Mercury” = 41. “Hanged Man” = 41.
      Also 260 is a Mercury-related number.Every row and column in the Magic Square of Mercury sums to 260.

  2. TruthUK on August 25, 2022 at 5:53 am

    • The crush occurred in Pens 3 and 4 of the Leppings Lane terrace which links to the disaster being the 43rd day of Dalglish’s age as pointed out in the previous post

    • Rambo on August 25, 2022 at 3:00 pm

      That term “pen” says it all doesn’t it? That is terminology associated with housing livestock.

  3. TruthUK on August 25, 2022 at 6:03 am

    • Pens Three And Four = 243/81
    • You’ll Never Walk Alone = 243/81

    • There was 270 police officers on duty outside Hillsborough on the day

    You’ll Never Walk Alone = 270

    • Paul Eason, a senior ambulance officer, did not declare it a major incident until 3:22pm, the game was stopped at 3:06pm

    Liverpool Football Club = 322

    • Rambo on August 25, 2022 at 3:02 pm

      Former Liverpool captain and manager Ronnie Moran died in 2017 on 322, March 22nd.

    • Rambo on September 9, 2022 at 10:41 am

      Amazing! “You’ll Never Walk Alone” had to add up to something significant.

  4. TruthUK on August 25, 2022 at 6:39 am

    Graham Kelly was the secretary of the football association in 1989, he was born 12/23, it was 252 days from the disaster to his birthday

    Leppings Lane End = 252

  5. Richard on August 25, 2022 at 11:08 am

    To add onto the Trump connection, the Hillsborough Stadium disaster came a span of 61-days before Trump’s upcoming birthday, or 60-days after, which both fit in perfectly.

    Hillsborough = 146 / 61
    Donald Trump = 60
    -Trump, born on 14/6
    -Jesus Christ = 146 (some refer to him as Jesus)

    1989 is a curious year since it was the same year a group of Jesuits were killed in El Salvador, November 16, 1989.

    This ritual also come a span of 185-days before Pope John Paul II’s birthday, being born May 18th or 18/5.

    Catholicism = 185
    Mathematics = 185
    -Pope, born on 18/5
    -Pope John Paul II = 167
    -Hillsborough Stadium Disaster = 167

    It also came 181-days after Pope John Paul II’s birthday as well.
    181, 42nd prime
    Jesuit = 42
    Freemason = 42

    • TruthUK on August 25, 2022 at 12:51 pm

      Nice find on the Jesuit El Salvador thing

    • Rambo on August 25, 2022 at 3:09 pm

      Another disaster associated with 146 is Grenfell Tower fire which happened in 2017 on 14th June. And Wikipedia says “over 60 hours” for the official duration. 60 like “Donald Trump” who is associated with towers.

  6. Joshua Krantz on August 25, 2022 at 4:47 pm

    Fighting for life amid chaos = 127 Reverse Pythagorean & 322 KFW Kabbalah. Horror spills from terraces of Hillsborough = 487(93rd Prime) English Ordinal & 244 Single Reduction & 1541 Primes Cipher like the time in history marking the first year of the Society of Jesus in official capacity. Also I decided to look into the exact date of which Trump enrolled into Fordham University, but cannot seem to find it. I did however find this interesting article of which was published January 26th 2017, three years to the day of Kobe’s helicopter death. Also Gwenda Blair wrote a book called The Trump’s: Three Generations That Built An Empire. I decided to put Three Generations That Built An Empire into the calculator and found that it equals 4973 in Reverse Trigonal Cipher, the 666th Prime. I know that usage of multiple ciphers is advised against by Zach and you Rambo, but I am only doing it to delve a bit more deeply into the study of Kabbalah to enhance my and hopefully others understanding.

    Kobe Bryant Law = 1611 Jewish to further tie into the King James thing as well. Furthermore Kobe Bryant Law = 491(94th Prime) Primes & 703(37th Triangular) Reverse Primes. Kobe Bryant Act = 137(33rd Prime), 47(15th Prime), 214, 79(22nd Prime). Kobe’s final words, “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother.” Final words being addressed to King James, aka Lebron James. LeBron Raymone James Sr = 242, 89(11th Fibonacci & 24th Prime), 298, 118. From the Hillsborough Disaster to Kobe Bean Bryant’s death is a span of 11243 days, which is the 1359th Prime Number. Also the Kobe Bryant Law can be sighted as the Kobe Bryant & Gianna Bryant Helicopter Safety Act, which equals 1453 Primes which is the 231st Prime number and 201 in Keypad Cipher.

    • Rambo on September 9, 2022 at 10:38 am

      All ciphers are legitimate. You used Trigonal appropriately. Great find 666.

  7. bobb on August 25, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    In 2024, the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse will cross over the 2 prior U.S. Solar Eclipses and form two X’s or crosses of their paths.
    If you look at the paths of the 2017, 2023, 2024 solar eclipses across the U.S, you will see the two intersections look like St Peter’s and St. Andrew’s Crosses.
    It has been already been observed that the 2023 eclipse will exit at Corpus Christi (literally named the Body of Christ) Texas. The state abbreviation is TX, 2 crosses, but I am pointing out it’s the same t and x shaped intersections from the U.S. solar eclipses.
    Visually, it is quite remarkable.

    • Rambo on August 26, 2022 at 11:05 pm

      Great additions! The Fixed Cross X represents the material universe. Matter contains Carbon 12. The center of the X eclipse path is Carbondale, Illinois.

  8. bobb on August 25, 2022 at 9:52 pm

    If you look at the ancient Egyptian Shadow Clock, you will see it as a T shaped cross. The letter T reflects the shape of the cross; the letter T starts the word Time. (and Trump). On the Shadow Clock, the shadow rises in the first 6 hours until noon when the Sun is directly above the crossbar… then the clock is flipped and the shadow drops in the last 6 hours of the day. The image of the Christian Cross and the “Double Cross” is too similar to the Shadow Clock to discount or ignore.
    The Hanged Man Tarot Card can also can represent the shadow clock. In the afternoon, the shadow slowly will reach where the head of the Hanged Man is located. The tarot card #12 aligns with the 12 hours of daytime in one day. The crossbeam and Sun are clearly depicted on the card… The Sun on the card seems symbolic of sunset, when time runs out.
    Trump is shown on (Time) Magazine (great cover btw) in the hanging man pose (Time) next to an obilesk (Time).

    • Rambo on August 26, 2022 at 11:09 pm

      You have revealed more depth to The Hanged Man card. That Shadow Clock is profound! And Trump is associated with time travel.

    • Rambo on September 9, 2022 at 9:38 am

      Brilliant knowledge about the time relation to The Hanged Man; and TIME magazine. Thanks! This relates to George Floyd who was part of a Sun set ritual.

  9. Sshev on September 6, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    Hillsborough Stadium 201 Illuminati cipher from Weishaupt for Minerval level Illuminati
    97th victim Andrew Divine =144
    Ninety-seven deaths 227 Bacon’s reverse
    ninety six dead 153
    exit gate c 144 reversed Illuminati –opening that started it
    Human crush 144 and 72 with 660 Agrippa
    Hillsborough Sheffield 314 Bacon reverse
    Sheffield Wednesday FC 287 Francis Bacon
    The Zodiac Mutable Cross 227 Bacon Simple
    St Peter Cross 201 ordinal, 66 reduced and 191 Bacon’s
    The Saint Peter Cross 223 Bacon Simple 227 Bacon reverse
    Peter on Upside Down Cross 287 Jewish ordinal and 119 Bacon Short
    Peter’s Upside Down Cross 287 Ordinal and 119 Bacon’s short
    Peter mutable Cross 201 Bacon simple Jewish ordinal
    Peter’s cross 157 Ordinal 227 Kaye
    Peter the Hanged Man 157 jewish ordinal 157 Bacon simple
    Peter Hanged Man Card 157 ordinal

    Fra Rosicrosse 157 and 287
    Two Hundred One 157 and 287
    Francis Bacon 157 and 287

    I got Judas is the Hanged Man card 1331 agrippa but I’m now sold on Peter too. It may mean Peter never died in the Tarot story. Paul must be the Lunatic / fool. He is circumcised in the Noblet Tarot de Marseille. The earliest Tarot de Marseille.

  10. Sshev on September 6, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    The Marseille fool card is The Lunatic in French
    The Lunatic Apostle Paul = 287
    Le Fou is Paul 137, 47 and 911 English Extended
    Mat is Paul = 119 Bacon Reverse

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