Boy pulled from Turkey earthquake wreckage after “52 hours,” February 8, 2023

Catholic Church Earthquake Jesuit News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

After 52 hours? Remember, this earthquake happened on the 52nd day of the Pope’s age, February 6, 2023. And as we know, that is the number for environmental warfare. Furthermore, the earthquake took place 86 days after the Superior General’s birthday, and notice the boy’s very clean sweatshirt says “TRAINING 86.” Pope = 52Devil =…

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Death toll climbs to 20,000 after Turkey-Syria earthquake, February 9, 2023

Biblical Catholic Church Earthquake News

This news comes on 54 date numerology.Jesuit Order = 54 This news comes on the Pope’s 55th day of his age.Earthquake = 55 And as we know, 20 is associated with death.Death = 20Cross = 20Time = 20

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Turkey’s & Syria’s deadly earthquake at 4:17 AM, February 6, 2023, is clearly a Jesuit ritual & tribute to the Synagogue of Satan

Awards Ceremony Biblical Catholic Church Earthquake Entertainment Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers Natural Disaster News

The Turkey & Syria earthquake of Monday, February 6, 2023, a 7.8, was the worst for the region in 84 years (78 and 84). The earthquake also took place on the first Jesuit Pope’s 52nd day of his age. Remember, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to in ’52, on the Jesuit Order’s…

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More than 1,000 killed in deadliest earthquake to hit Morocco in 120 years

Catholic Church Death Earthquake History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming

This Moroccan earthquake happened at 11 PM local time, on September 8, 2023, the Virgin Mary’s birthday, a very Catholic Day. Keep in mind Morocco is 99% Islamic (think crusades, think military). It also happened as world leaders were arriving in New Delhi for the G20. First, a bit about Marrakech, Morocco. Second, notice Morocco’s…

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Family of three rescued after 78 hours from 7.8 earthquake, February 9, 2023 news

Earthquake Jesuit News After the 7.8 earthquake of February 6, 2023, we get the story of the family of three being rescued three days later, or 78 hours.Three = 56Society of Jesus = 56 Jesuit = 78 Keep in mind today has 54 date numerology.2/9/2023 = 2+9+20+23 = 54Jesuit Order = 54

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Severe weather hampering rescue efforts in Turkey, February 7, 2023

Catholic Church Depopulation Earthquake Jesuit News Population Control Weather

This news comes Tuesday, February 7, 2023, a date with 52 numerology, the number of weather warfare. Again, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952, and not in that year by accident. Also, as we covered, the earthquake happened on the Pope’s 52nd day of…

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From Kobe Bryant’s death to Super Bowl 57

Biblical Catholic Church Celebrity Earthquake Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Kobe Bryant died January 26, 2020. Super Bowl 57 is February 12, 2023. That is 159 weeks later.New Testament = 159-Scottish Rite = 159 / 57 That is also 1113 days later, similar to Revelation 11:13. And remember, Kobe Bryant is from Philadelphia, and died in LA, known for its major fault line. Recall the…

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Neo-Nazi leaders arrested for plotting to take down power grid in Baltimore, Maryland in white supremacist attack, February 7, 2023

Energy News Predictive Programming Racism

Notice the connection with ‘Baltimore’ and ‘power.’Baltimore = 58Power = 58Nazi = 58 This is in the headlines at the time of the Turkey earthquake, and “natural disasters” often create power outage scenarios.

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