A Starbucks employee tested positive for hepatitis A, possibly exposing thousands of customers to the virus, November 4, 2021 & beyond

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Notice, they’re telling people who have gone to this Starbucks store, to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A, and the possible contagion of the virus began on November 4, the day leaving 57 days in the year.

November 4 can be written 11/4, like 114.

Recall the January 14 attack on a Jakarta Starbucks, another 114 date.

Keep in mind Bill Gates’ family is behind Starbucks, and he is Mr. Vaccine.


Notice, the year was ’87.

Let us not forget that Bill Gates met Melinda in ’87, got divorced from her 87 days before his birthday, and supposedly got his Covid vaccine on January 22, 2021, his 87th day of his age.

Number of the Beast = 87
Vaccination = 666

Keep in mind Starbucks is a Seattle based chain
Seattle = 107 / 44
Hepatitis = 107 / 44

As for the address of the Starbucks being 1490, let us not forget that Bill Gates’ father died on September 14, or 14/9.


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  1. GregRamsey74 on November 21, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    “Starbucks employee tests positive for Hepatitis A” = 555 (English Ordinal) – It’s like the line in a Slipknot song. “If you 555, then I’m 666.”

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