Aaron Rodgers traded to Jets, April 24, 2023 + Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon, & Bud Light execs

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Once again, today leaves 251 days in the year, the 54th prime.
Jesuit Order = 54 & 144

The Don Lemon news comes 54 days after his birthday.

The Aaron Rodgers news comes on his 144th day of his age.
Jets = 54 & 54

Recall, Vince Lombardi, who founded the Packers in Green Bay, was a Jesuit. And on top of that, he attended Fordham in New York.

And for another point, Rodgers played 18 seasons with the Packers. The Jesuit acronym is 18.

And for another point, Brett Favre joined the Packers the year he turned 39, and Aaron Rodgers is 39-years-old right now, what we call the ‘New York’ number.

And for even another, it is the 114th day of the year.

These stories also go with Anheuser-Busch being back after the CEO’s 14/4 statement.
Anheuser-Busch = 54 & 144

It also goes with Tucker Carlson’s very Catholic education.


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