Actor Clarence Gilyard sacrificed at age 66 in clear number of the beast ritual, November 28, 2022 (Virgil Abloh reminders)

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On 11/28, ‘Clarence,’ the UNLV professor is dead.

Again, 1128 is the 47th triangular number.

Last year ‘Virgil Abloh‘ died on this day, in a number of the beast ritual, tied to Kanye West, and this man, Clarence Gilyard, played the character ‘The Beast’ in a 2016 film. *Plus, if you follow me on Patreon, you know I tied the games yesterday to the ‘Number of the Beast.’
Beast = 47
-Virgil Abloh died at age 41
-Die Hard = 41
–41, 13th prime
–Revelation 13 (The Beast)

He is dead 6 years after the release of ‘The Beast,’ in 2016.
-Revelation 13 in 66th book of the Bible
-13, 6th prime

66, 11th tri. number

Of course in the NFL, which is dictated from Las Vegas, had it’s MNF game on this date, and both teams became 4-7 (like 47). Also on this day, President Biden had his big ritual for the rail workers, 74 days after the tentative agreement was struck on September 15.

Masonic = 74
47 degrees on Scottish Rite compass of France

On November 28, 2005, the Steelers and Colts also played on MNF, and the Steelers fell to 7-4, while the Colts improved to 11-0.
Beast = 11

Keep in mind he is a black man, and he is dead at 66.
66, 11th tri. number
Black = 11

Keep in mind he was born on Christmas Eve as well.
Jesus = 11 / 74
-Christmas Eve = 74
-Clarence Gilyard = 74

He is dead 339 days after his birthday.
United States of America = 339
Texas = 66
*Texas Ranger = 66
*Number of the Beast = 66

He is also in a film called ‘The Beast.’
Beast = 47 / 88
Clarence Gilyard = 88

August 16 leaves 137 days in the year.
Clarence Gilyard = 137
-137, 33rd prime

He died on the day leaving 33 days in the year.

Clarence also died on a date with 61 numerology.

He is also dead 75 months after the release of the film.
Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75

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