Adrian Peterson reportedly arrested for domestic violence the day of Super Bowl 56, February 13, 2022

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Adrian Peterson gets shamed the day of the Super Bowl, February 13, or 2/13, and his birthday is March 21, or 21/3, as well. And we have seen this pattern before with racism rituals in the (213) area code. Prior to LeBron James 213th playoff game, which fell on June 1, the day leaving 213-days in the year, it was reported his house was spray painted with the “N-word.”
Racism = 213 (Jewish)

Notice they report the arrest happened around 8:30 AM.
Football = 83

And with regards to this being in Black History Month, before Super Bowl 56…
Black Lives Matter = 56

And keep in mind he is remembered for playing with the Minnesota Vikings, who wore purple, a big theme in the game, because the Super Bowl was largely in tribute to the Royal Family.
Royal Family = 56
-Minnesota Vikings = 201

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