Airline asks for the federal government to stop January 19, 2022, 5G rollout near airports

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Per this article, the 5G rollout did happen on January 5, 2022, the 666th day of the pandemic, but it was delayed around airports for tomorrow, January 19, (119), and now the airlines are asking for what sounds like a permanent delay because their appeal is that 5G will totally interfere with their existing lines of communication.

Notice, the latest appeal was on Monday, January 17, two days prior to the rollout on January 19.
-117 and 119 were big numbers on September 11, 2001
-After 9/11 came the PATRIOT Act and the spying on Americans by the feds with phones and big telecom

And based on the response by the FAA, it does not sound like there will be another delay.

Update: 5G will be delayed some near airports, which have not been specified.

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