Alabama’s Nick Saban cleared to coach team from sideline after positive ‘coronavirus’ reading ‘three’ days earlier, Oct. 14-17, 2020

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Notice how Nichaols Saban Jr. ties in with the ongoing coronavirus pattern and the number 56.

He was cleared ‘three’ days after his positive test.

He tested positive on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, the day leaving 78 days in the year.

He became sick on a date with 44 numerology, before the ‘Georgia’ game.

Georgia = 44 *10/14/20 = 10+14+20 = 44

Notice also that Nick Saban is 68, because this is the 68th game between Alabama and Georgia, and coronavirus was coined in 1968.

These stats are prior to the 68th game, being played today, October 17, 2020.

Alabama can win their 6th straight over Georgia, like how Saban got his 6th championship over Georgia. And keep in mind this ritual comes on the 17th, because that is the 7th prime, and he can pass Bear Bryant, who won 6 championships… and think about the connection with Kobe Bryant and Bear Bryant, and LeBron James and Alabama. Of course, LeBron got the Lakers #17 in his 17th season.

For another joke, his diagnosis came 89 days before the championship.

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