Alcee Hastings, Democratic Representative, dead at 84, while serving, April 6, 2021, 76 days after Joe Biden took office as #46

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism
Alcee Hastings = 51 *Federal = 51 *51 date num. (4+6+20+21 = 51)

Get that, in the time of #46, Joe Biden, a man who won, according to the media, largely because of how he carried the “black vote,”, it is reported that an active member of congress, who is a black man, is dead on April 6, or 4/6, and at the curious age of 84.

Sacrifice = 46 *Execution = 46 *Genesis 46

And adding insult to injury, this news comes 137 days after Joe Biden’s 78th birthday.

You could also say his 138th day of his age *Federal = 138
137, 33rd prime *Masonry = 33 *Federal = 33 (96th day of the year, Freemason = 96)

And remember, Jesuit equates to 78 and 84.

Jesuit = 84 *The Jesuit Order = 84
United States of America = 84 / 228
Alcee Hastings = 228 *Martin Luther King Jr. = 228 *Death = 228 (Sumerian)

The death comes in ’21, and we know who loves to code ’42’.

And as you know, we call Joe Biden, Jesuit Joe, the man from Jesuit town, Scranton, and he has lost a lot of family members for his political career, in big Jesuit rituals…

Again, the Jesuits serve the Catholic Church, and the first Catholic President, JFK, was #35, killed at age 46. Of course Joe Biden’s was elected 46 weeks after Pope Francis birthday, the first Jesuit Pope.

There are 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament, and it has 145 more chapters than the Protestant Old Testament.

What is gross, is this death comes 76 days after Joe Biden became President, January 20, 2021.

Think of the Million Man March, October 16, 1995, the day leaving 76 days in the year. And think of ‘Barack Obama’, and Acts 7:6.

He has died 213 days after his birthday, a number connecting to ‘death’.

And notice how 213 and 228 connect to ‘death’.

And notice how ‘Alcee Hastings’ equates to 228.

And again, he died at age 84.

That also means he died 152 days before his upcoming birthday.

Joe Biden = 152

Also, notice how his name equates to 51 in the most pure cipher, and he died on a date with 51 numerology. *4/6/2021 = 4+6+20+21 = 51

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