Alex Murdaugh takes the stand for June 7, 2021 murders of Paul and Maggie, February 23, 2023

Jesuit Legal Murder by Numbers News

This news comes February 23, 2023, the 54th day of the year.
Alex Murdaugh = 54, Jesuit Order = 54

The murders were on a date with 54 numerology, June 7, 2021.
6+7+20+21 = 54

Jesuit Order = 54 / 72
Maggie Murdaugh = 72 / 72

The trial began January 25, or 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.
251, 54th prime

Remember when LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant with the 54th points of the game, January 25, 2020, the day before Kobe’s death, one Sunday before Super Bowl 54?
Kobe Bean Bryant = 54

In this case, the Judge, Clifton Newman is born on the day leaving 54 days in the year, November 7.

Clifton Newman = 67 *Killer = 67 (June 6, or 6/7 murder)

Update: He has been found guilty by the numbers, at age 54.

And notice below the detail about 1,770 acre hunting lodge.
The Jesuit Order = 177

47 minutes after the hour?

44 minutes after the hour? Kill = 44


  1. Kent_Woods on February 23, 2023 at 11:03 am

    Hey Zach, Paul Murdaugh was a few grades below me in High School, I live in Beaufort SC and the Murdaugh employee, CB Rowe, was my Youth Pastor for Church when I was in middle school. If you want to do a video about this, I’m happy to come on and talk about what I know. I never knew the Murdaughs well but I’m very close to where this all happened.

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