Alexei Navalny buried to Frank Sinatra’s My Way, March 1, 2024

Catholic Church Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming

Notice the detail about the song ‘My Way’ being played. It overlaps with ‘Russia.’
87, 24, 48 (and today is exactly 21 weeks into Putin’s age)

Today is 75 days after Pope Francis’ 87th birthday

This news comes on 48 date numerology. *3/1/2024=3+1+20+24=48

And notice the overlap with Frank Sinatra and Vladimir Putin.

Masonry=84, Jesuit=84, The Jesuit Order=84, The Catholic Church=84

It’s also March 1, or 3/1, like 31.

And keep in mind My Way released in March of 1969. That means it will turn 55 later this month, a reminder that the war with Russia and Ukraine began on the 55th day of the year, February 24, 2022.

Adding insult to injury, today is 74 days before the anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death, which occurred May 14, 1998, the 50th birthday of Israel (Frank=50).

Recall the Moscow, Idaho killings announced on King Charles 74th birthday.

Again, the Society of Jesus was preserved by Russia’s Catherine the Great. It goes with today being the 61st day of the year.

And again, today is 75 days after Pope Francis’ 87th birthday.

It is a reminder that the Jesuits were founded by Ignatius of Loyola.

The name of the cemetery is Borisovsky cemetery.

And it is a reminder the leader of the Jesuits, Arturo Sosa, is 75 at this moment.

This news also comes on the 147th day of Putin’s age.

Modern Freemasonry is a Jesuit creation, just like the Illuminati. And remember, ‘My Way’ released in March of ’69.

And recall, Navalny died on the 47th day of the year, at age 47, and was buried on the 61st day. It goes with the Navalny documentary, made by the ‘news’ network CNN, where they begin by asking him what will happen if he dies.

It goes with the name of his cemetery.

And it goes with his nickname.


  1. DIVINE NUMBERSS on March 1, 2024 at 10:30 am

    🤣 Whole bunch of nothing you don’t see it, I love it🤣🤣🤣👏

  2. eureka stockade on March 2, 2024 at 4:41 am

    nevalny died feb 16= 2/16
    216= 6x6x6= 666
    aged 47 on 47th day
    47 days before Nato’s birthday 4 April
    nuclear plant= 47
    air strike= 47
    ossetia= 47
    taiwan strait= 47

    alaxei navalny funeral= 87 & 111
    same day biden said– Immediate Ceasefire= 111
    baltic= 47
    trump= 47

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