Alexi Laiho, frontman for Children of Bodom, reported dead at 41, on January 4, 2021

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As we have been documenting a lot of rituals surrounding the number 41 lately, and notice that this news of a dead 41 year old singer comes on January 4th, or 4/1. That said, his date of death is unclear.

Also noteworthy, today has 46 date numerology.

1/4/2021 = 1+4+20+21 = 46

73, 21st prime (Start of ’21)

And equally as important, the news of his death was saved for a date that can be written 4/1, or 1/4 (like 41 and 14).

Ask yourself, why?

Could it be that he played the guitar?

Or could it be that he wore the inverted pentagram in his performances?

Notice below the band was formed in ’93, 27 years ago.

We know what 27 means for the history of dead rock stars…

Keep in mind he was born in ’79. *Murder = 79

*Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho = 79

The news of his death comes 271 days after his birthday, the 58th prime.

*Secret Society = 58 *Freemasonry = 58

*Bodom is the name of a lake in Finland where an infamous murder happened in history.


  1. Brandon Ross on January 4, 2021 at 8:36 pm

    Hey Zach I have a few notes,
    Their final album is called HEXED=46
    Hexed is purple, CROWN Chakra + stuff Rambo has said
    The band broke up, he started a new version of the band
    BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT=93, first show Seinäjoki=38 on. Oct 23/20 to Jan 4=73 days.
    73/37 date num
    Its named after the 2nd song 3rd album
    REAPER 63/36/99/36
    coguitarist in midnight DANIEL FREYBERG 131(32p)/77
    I bet he’s going to be big, I saw the final bodom tour and he was good. Ominous shit with the reaper symbology.
    Black Sabbath Mob Rules album release to Ozzy biting head off bat 11/4/81 – 2/01/82 = 77 days
    Mob Rules song lyrics…..(🤯🤯) Opening line:
    **Close the city and tell the people that
    Something’s coming to call
    Death and darkness are rushing forward to
    Take a bite from the wall, oh****
    System of a down=179(41p) Nick name
    SOAD played B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own Bombs)on SNL
    5/7/05(2005=7) to London Bombings 7/7/05(7) 61 days

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