American Airlines Flight 1420’s tragic accident, June 1, 1999, exactly 119 weeks before September 11, 2001

Federal Government History Jesuit Plane Crash Predictive Programming Terrorism
Flight 1420? *Terrorist = 142

Little Rock = 145 (145 passengers) *Catholic = 145

This ritual happened in Bill Clinton’s town, at the end of his presidency, and exactly 119 weeks before September 11, 2001, or 11/9, like 119. And don’t forget the ’93 WTC bombing right after he became president (or that his mother married into the Clinton political dynasty from New York).

Saturn = 93 / 119
11 dead? *9/11 was a MASSIVE 11 ritual…

Notice how ‘Little Rock National Airport’ fits in.

This airport was known for the CIA funneling drugs into the country, they even made a movie about it with Tom Cruise. And of course, since 9/11, a lot of opium / heroin has been brought into the U.S. from Afghanistan.

The ritual also came 79 days before his birthday.

Society of Jesus = 79
American Airlines = 79

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