Amie Harwick, Drew Carey’s ex-fiancee, dead after fall, February 15, 2020, during Lupercalia +Caroline Flack

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Notice, we have the death of a 38-year-old…

Read more about 38 and murder here:

On February 15, the 46th day of the year…  *Harwick = 73 *Sacrifice = 46 / 73

And at about 1:15 AM…

She died 3-weeks and 8-days from Drew Carey’s 62nd birthday, or 14-weeks.

We just discussed the death of the Love Island host on the same day, 14-weeks from her birthday, or 98-days.

Read about the death of Caroline Flack, February 15, 2020 here:

In light of 98-days appearing in both deaths, keep in mind they both came on the last day of Lupercalia, which is related to Valentine’s, love and fertility, and which is also associated with animal sacrifice.  *Humans are animals in Talmud.

*Lupercalia begins on the 44th day of the year.

And with regards to this being synced with Carey’s 62nd birthday…

Gareth Pursehouse, who has been arrested, has the ‘sacrifice’ connection.

Notice the mention of Valentine’s Day.  Again, Lupercalia gave birth to Valentine’s Day.

She died 271-days after her birthday (58th prime). *Secret Society = 58