Andre 3000 to release first album in 17 years on November 17, 2023

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Andre 3000, a name pertaining to time, and today leaves 47 days in the year.

Andre’s group Outkast got famous with ATLiens, a play on aliens, a subject going back to 1947 and New Mexico, the 47th state, with the Roswell incident. Or, it goes back to the 47th Parallel in ’47, Seattle, where the first official UFO sighting was right before the New Mexico incident. And now Seattle is associated with the Space Needle, and Microsoft as well as Amazon, companies both having roots in New Mexico.

A year ago I showed what Andre’s 47th birthday had to do with the war in Ukraine & the nuclear scare.

17 years after his last, on November 17! I love that he won’t rap anymore.

It also comes out on 71 date numerology, going with ‘flute.’
11/17/2023 = 11+17+20+23=71

Of course, the war in Israel began on Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday, 71 days before the Pope’s birthday, October 7, 2023. And as for this war having a lot to do with the Middle East, the flute is an instrument very much highly associated with the region.

This story is on the front page of CNN.

André Benjamin = 56 & 79 *Society of Jesus = 56 & 79
November 17 is 11/17 (1117 is the 187th prime + 11×17=187) *Society of Jesus=187

This news comes 174 days after his birthday.
Number of the Beast = 174
New World Order = 174

This news comes on 48 date numerology.

Think of the song “rock and roll suicide.” These guys make choices when they’re too young to choose it.

Today through December 31 are the last 48 days of the year as well.

Do severe wind storms come next? They’ve synced up some serious things with Andre 3000 over the years, such as 9/11 and the wars that came after. Remember Bombs Over Baghdad?

Keep in mind November 17 is a special date, leaving 44 days in the year.

And as for the title…,times%2C%20it’s%20the%20same%20sun.

New Blue Sun = 136 / 37 / 134 / 53
-Between 136 and 134 is 135
-Instrumental Flute Album = 135

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