Andre Harrell, Uptown Records founder & Motown executive, dead at 59, May 8, 2020, for Puff Daddy

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Notice the emphasis on ‘Puffy’, it codes 74.

Puffy was born ‘Sean Combs’, and the news of Andre Harrell’s death came on a date with 53 numerology.

5/8/2020 = 5+8+20+20 = 53

Andre Harrell established ‘Uptown’ Records.

The news came on Puff Daddy’s 187th day of his age.

187 is associated with homicide.

This news was posted late May 8, and most people are getting wind of it on May 9, or 5/9.  Notice the young man who went on to head Motown records, established in 1959, is dead at 59.

Notice it broke during ‘Club Quarantine’. It sums to 59, and also 85, like how the date May 8 can be written 8/5.

For another 59, notice DJ D-Nice was born Derrick Jones.

We know what 59 means.

Notice he gave Puff Daddy his start, who founded Bad Boy Records.

Don’t forget the Million Man March was on the day leaving 76-days in the year.

We know how they love to bring 42 and 59 together in these racist rituals.  Don’t forget Motown was established in ’59, on the 42nd Parallel North, in Detroit.

Don’t forget the Prince of Motown, Marvin Gaye, who was murdered by the numbers, was born April 2, or 4/2.

Rodney King, a name summing to 59, was also born on 4/2.  He was beaten and murdered by the numbers as well.

Now it is ‘Andre’, dead at 59.

His name Andre Harrell has gematria of 62 and 73, like ‘sacrifice’.

He died 32-weeks after his birthday.

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